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  • Art after dark (we open with window)
  • Make child care; grand province "saga" (open with window)
  • The Governer to pregnant woman. (we open with window)
  • We spend S of the life (we open with window)
  • Saga saikou (we open with window)
  • Bird flu occurred in the prefecture, but there is no infection spread to the outskirts
     I would like cooperation now as we establish sterilization point of vehicle in eight places of prefecture including national highway as a series of countermeasures.

     As it is not reported worldwide that we are infected with bird flu virus by eating chicken and bird egg, and infected chicken and chicken egg may not circulate in market, don't worry.
  • February 22 8:43

    Information about outbreak and correspondence of bird flu in Kouhoku-machi html

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