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Eastern part of 05 Imari (imaritoubu) industrial area (tentative name)

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 Address: Yamagata, Matsuuracho, Imari-shi grounds


It is superior industrial area for traffic access located approximately midway of Imari port which is Takeo north IC and port of international distribution.



Aerial photograph

Aerial photograph of eastern part of 05 Imari industrial area (tentative name)


Plan around eastern part of 05 Imari industrial area (tentative name)


Area, unit price

Total area

Industrial site area

Have been sold in lots; area





Approximately 7ha


The business main constituent

Saga, Imari-shi

Sale in lots unit price


Is going to sell in lots; time

Is going to sell in lots; time

After 2019

Preferential treatment system


  • Special depreciation of corporation tax based on the peninsula promotion method


  • Firm location subsidy
  • Firm location fund loan system


  • Site acquisition bounty
  • In the factories, it is setting bounty
  • Heterogeneous taxation (3 ka year) of property tax

About preferential treatment system, reference give this.We open with the other window
In addition, please refer in detail as there is constant condition in application of preferential treatment system.


Type of industry

Target type of industry

Manufacturing industry

Assumption type of industry

Transport equipment appliance, general machine appliance, electric equipment machine appliance, metal product manufacturing industry

Designation, regulation

Development designated area

The peninsula promotion method

City planning area

The city planning area outside

Noise regulation

The second kind area

Vibration regulation

The area outside

Building standard

Coverage ratio: - Floor area ratio: -




Industrial water



Base rate 21,851 yen (to 100m3) (tax-excluded consumption)
Sub-quantity rate 259 yen/m3 (tax-excluded consumption)
Can supply; quantity of water 500m3/day


After processing, it is discharged into Mt. Kuroo River


Special high pressure (66kV)

Approximately 2.4km

Normal high pressure (6kV)


Geological feature, the ground

Geological feature, the ground


Access (moving time by car) 

To Nagasaki Expressway Takeo north IC16km (20 minutes)

To Nishi Kyushu Expressway Imari east IC (going to be opened in tentative name / 2017)

7.5km (nine minutes)
To Nagasaki Expressway Tosu IC68km (55 minutes)
To Kyushu Expressway Fukuoka IC86km (75 minutes)
To Kyushu Saga International Airport

44km (60 minutes)

To Imari Station6.6km (11 minutes)
To Imari Port16km (22 minutes)
To Karatsu Port32km (45 minutes)
To Hakata Port80m (75 minutes)

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