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Strength of Saga

We introduce five strengths of Saga

Human resources who are abundant with excellence

Hizen feudal clan (Saga) where was ranked among in "Satsuma and Choshu Toi" by the late Tokugawa period. We hang what was counted as one of the baronies of the first degree in Meiji from the skill and the late Tokugawa period of high manufacturing that supported the modernization of Japan with technology, and there is in person financial power that played an active part in wide fields such as study, medicine, politics, diplomacy. In addition, "hiding among the trees" that Nabeshima, Saga clansman, Tsunetomo Yamamoto dictated is still supported by many managers. This manufacturing, tradition made with person and mind of under the leaves are inherited to DNA of citizens of Saga and produce many excellent person fortunes.

Little natural disaster

After the Great East Japan Earthquake of March, 2011, attention is sublimed into BCP (business continuity plan). Saga has little natural disaster and, in Nankai Trough earthquake said to that it occurs with high probability, tsunami damage of Saga is done with zero for assumption of the government alone in Kyushu and will be location that is most suitable as BCP countermeasures in future.

Superior traffic access

Expressway, railroad of Kyushu are located in the crossing seat, and Saga located in Northwest Kyushu boasts of outstanding convenience. In addition, airport, harbor function is enriched, and business development that fixed its eyes on Asia is possible.

A certain space corporate management

Because land prices and rent are low in Saga, we can hold down corporate management cost. In addition, we support a certain space corporate management by the Saga original follow system.

Carefree living environment

Saga where rich nature and city function are just right has evaluation of "the best easiness of living in Japan". "Easiness of living" is connected directly with "easiness of work" of employee.

Charm of Saga judging from video

Video introduces Saga.
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