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Guidance of Saga consumer service center

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Consumption consultation duties

Consumer service center entrance
 For solution to Consumer issues, we perform various advice and mediation.
Please talk by telephone, email, FAX without being troubled alone. Consultation is free. When it is visited an office, prior reservation is necessary.

[consultation reception desk]
Every day from 9:00 to 17:00 (except from December 29 to January 3)
We accept on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.
Telephone 0952-24-0999

[consultation by FAX]
FAX 0952-24-9567 
Please send full name, phone number, consultation content after entry.
After confirmation, we call from center. (limited at time in consultation time mentioned above.)
※Accident of FAX number, please be careful that there is not.

[consultation by email]
After confirmation, we call from center. (limited at time in consultation time mentioned above.)
※Reporting, please use "reporting foam".

[about consultation]

  1. Consultation to our center is limited to one lived in in Saga. Prefecture outside, please use consumer service center of each prefecture.
  2. On consultation, please settle effect.
  3. In the case of trouble with contract, the contracted person, please talk.
  4. If there are contract and dossier, please prepare at hand.
  5. Consultation by visit to an office needs advance reservations. In the place, please see map of center.

Privacy policy of center

  • Saga consumer service center collects personal information in the range of minimum necessary for processing, solution to consumer life consultation of consultants.
  • Saga consumer service center does not provide to third party (including other position in Saga prefectural government office) without consent of consultants about information to distinguish authorized individuals such as full name, address, phone number of consultants. But we may provide if offer to third party is required by laws and ordinances including case of investigation cooperation based on the Criminal Procedure Code.
  • Saga consumer service center carries out protection of personal information of consultants thoroughly based on "Saga privacy policy and action program" and, other than the above, keeps secret firmly.

Please use consumers hot line!

When we make consumers hot line ☎ exchange number and call 188, it leads to consumer life consultation counter of municipalities, prefecture to live.
Teller of each prefecture municipality look at list of consumption consultation counters.


Enlightenment duties

AlertAs well as prefecture center, we send information to alert in floor of homepage and prefecture center based on trouble that occurred in various parts of Japan. We issue handbill and poster. 
Education for consumersWe issue the teaching materials such as handbill or brochure for holding and enlightenment of home delivery of cooked foods lecture. As DVD for rental prepares, please make use for area and the workplace, learning in school.
In addition, at display corner on abanse the third floor, we post information about consumer life. As handbill or brochure which we can take home with us prepare, come.

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