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Saga privacy policy and action program

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Basic way of thinking of 1 personal information handling

 We establish basic principle to be common to the handling of personal information.
 If it is information that can distinguish individual, personal information targeted for Saga privacy policy includes all.

 When we give example to be concrete,

  • Let alone name and address individual number,
  • Phone number and e-mail address enrolled in cell-phone,
  • Photograph of the face and voiceprint,
  • Degree of medical examination result and sickness and wound,
  • Sum of family constitution and borrowed money,
  • Layout and hobby of house,
  • View of life and principles claim

 If the nadomosono person is identified, it is included all.

 As it becomes keyword whether individual is identified, for example, case which only cell-phone number registered with case which only e-mail address of which had you propose e-mail magazine leaked (without personal name), address book of cell-phone leaked (with abbreviated designations) does not correspond to personal information in close meaning.
 However, we decide to do the handling like personal information in Saga because problems such as non-consent advertisement emails accrue.

 Because number law in particular is enforced, and each nation was given personal number, about specific personal information, strict protection measures are necessary unlike personal information except identification personal information.
 Of course it strongly actually has consciousness to follow important information, and it wrestles for protection of personal information to follow law and by-law.



Principle of 2 responsibility

 We make the responsibility system about protection of personal information clear and take the system which can support for inquiry quickly.


[action program] 201 (setting of prefecture window)

 Consultation (suspected to have leak.about personal information When explanation about the handling of personal information is insufficient, and there is), we make window of prefecture having you talk clear.

[action program] 202 (the responsibility system)

 It is person in charge, and each section, head of place checks and utilizes collection, profit of personal information and manages that individual personal information handling office work is carried out along privacy policy and action program every individual treatment office work so that disposal is performed appropriately.


Principle of exhibition of 3 policies and continuous improvement

 We plan thorough action of the staff who included to trust supplier and temporary worker by showing privacy policy and action program inside and out. In addition, this privacy policy and action program always push forward review to cope with social environmental change to surround personal information.



[action program] 301 (enforcement to the staff)

About privacy policy and action program, we plan well-known enforcement by notifying personnel. In addition, we receive training at any time in each section, place and perform the new hiring notsudo training of the staff who included temporary worker.


[action program] 302 (self-enforcement of a check)

 About personal information that each section, head of place takes 2 times a year at least in section, place concerned,

  1. The use objective situation of personal information written on the cover
  2. About rule about the handling of personal information, it is the situation of well-known enforcement to staff and others
  3. The situation of safety management measures of personal information

About others, we carry out self-check having the position staff.



Principle of 4 collection restrictions

 When we begin collection of personal information, we make purpose of the office work to deal with clear and perform by legitimate and appropriate means to achieve the purpose concerned as far as it is necessary. In addition, including case to include fate in laws and ordinances as for the information such as thought creed or criminal record do not collect these unless is special.

 Furthermore, we will tell all of information who is the main constituent to take about the purpose.


[action program] 401 (thing that is necessary when we begin collection)  

 We confirm about the next matter if we begin collection of personal information.

 ☑ Purpose to take personal information

 ☑ Method to collect personal information

 ☑ Management method of personal information

 ☑ The staff who can access personal information

 ☑ Time to dispose personal information and the method


[action program] 402 (clarification of use purpose)

 When I take personal information, we tell about the purpose as possible concretely. In addition, we will tell in addition when it is said that it is minimum during period to take personal information and can exhibit deadline for disposal.

 Furthermore, we will tell about measures to take for security of personal information that prefecture performs in forms such as privacy policy and introduction of action program.

[action program] 403 (minimum collection)

 Personal information collects by appropriate means within the purpose.

[action program] 404 (means of collection)

 We perform collection of personal information by legitimate and appropriate means.

[action program] 405 (collection of information such as thought creed, criminal record is prohibited in)

 As a general rule, I do not take unless laws and ordinances have fate like disqualification clause of staff adoption about personal information about thought creed, criminal record.
 When laws and ordinances do not have fate, is third-party organization; "Saga information disclosure, personal information protection Board of review (say "examination committee" as follows.) We decide to collect after having listened to opinion of ".

[action program] 406 (collection from the person)

 As a general rule, I take personal information from the person directly.
 We limit without purpose of office work reaching when I take from anyone other than the person when we do not collect from anyone other than case and the person by rule of laws and ordinances when there is not collection method suitable elsewhere. 

Principle of use of 5 restrictions

 We do not use personal information that I took other than the purpose unless it depends on rule of laws and ordinances including case that there is agreement of all of information who is the main constituent and order to submit a document of court.

[action program] 501 (limitation of use purpose)

 We do not use personal information any place other than the objective range.

[action program] 502 (measures when we provide)

 We do not offer personal information to third party.

 Particularly, all offers are prohibited unless we correspond to one of number method 19th jokakugo about specific personal information.

 When we offer personal information by necessary inevitable reason, we demand information about use purpose in offer, the personal information responsibility for protection system in offer ahead and provide minimum and shall keep the contents by letter.


Principle of 6 safety management measures

 We maintain the organization system to usually take safety management measures together when personal information that I took takes necessary measure so that there are not loss, leak, manipulation.

 Particularly, it is thought that personal number use office work enforcer treating personal number establishes about handling method, person in charge, the acting director person in charge and the duty for every management stage.


[action program] 601 (limit of handler)

 The staff handling personal information is limited to the minimum staff for paperwork.

[action program] 602 (human safety management measures)

 Person in charge and safe protective measure person in charge perform necessary and appropriate supervision for the acting director person in charge so that personal information of each position is dealt with appropriately.

[action program] 603 (limits such as reproduction, carrying out)

 When we do not perform reproduction of documentation that personal information is recorded or carrying out basically and perform this without getting necessary yamuo, we get permission such as person in charge and security protective measure person in charge and shall perform.

[action program] 604 (organized safety management measures)

 For the appropriate handling of personal information that I took, we maintain the organization system to take safety management measure and make correspondence when cases such as leaks occurred clear. 

Principle at the time of 7 trust

 We recognize that danger such as leaks of personal information increases depending on processing of trust enough and perform while out-sourcing that trust to the outside of office work is appropriate plays the part for effective handling of office work. Therefore, in the choice of trust, we confirm by document or practical inspection about regime and Emergencies network of trust, measures of safety measures and perform necessary and appropriate supervision for "person who received trust".

[action program] 701 (measures at the time of commissioned business)

 When we entrust with duties to deal with personal information outside, we demand presentation about contents of privacy policy every supplier and measures taking for personal information protection concretely by letter.

 When we entrust again, we assume consent of thing which we entrusted with requirements and judge consent of reassignment after appropriate safety management measures of personal information to handle confirmed what is planned.



[action program] 702 (return such as documents)

  After contract, we return documents that personal information was recorded promptly and let you discard or remove. When we dispose personal information or we remove, the personal information concerned makes out and lets you handle by reliable means not to be able to be restored to the original state.



Principle of information disclosure to 8 people

 All of personal information who is the main constituent guarantees procedure that can identify the location of own personal information and contents. Specifically, we maintain procedure makes docket of office work that prefecture deals with personal information, and confirms own contents when needed, and corrects the contents or to stop the use of personal information.


[action program] 801 (procedures such as correction request)

 The person of personal information confirms own information and does the correction when contents have error and performs procedure to request, besides, to stop the use of information by prefecture based on rule of Saga ordinance of privacy protection.

When there is request for disclosure from the person about personal information taking, disclosure to the person discloses scores of examination about planned thing immediately beforehand and, in the case of others, decides disclosure, non-disclosure for less than 15 days.


Principle of storage and disposal that 9 is appropriate

Personal information that I took keeps carefully and takes necessary measure so that there are not leaks of information. In addition, we dispose by destruction by fire or other safe methods promptly when we achieved the purpose without holding more than required.


[action program] 901 (attention at the time of storage)

 We keep appropriately and, about personal information that I took, take measures such as locking for established place when it is necessary.


[action program] 902 (appropriate disposal and disposal)

 We do as possible for a short term during period to take personal information and discard original purpose promptly when we reached. Personal information performs by method that reading or the reconstruction is impossible if we discard.
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