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Do not begin PC (open ICT classroom targeting at impaired people); or is communication business ... ... relievedly

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Targeting at impaired people, we open ICT classroom 

 We entrust the non profit organization civic life support center fukushinos to do life such as people with a disability wealthily in prefecture by carrying out business to improve ability for ICT apparatus utilization of (say "people with a disability" as follows.) in various places of person with a physical disability, mentally-disabled person, mental patient and patients with intractable disease generally, and to promote society participation, and plans such as ICT classrooms carry out and install Saga person with a disability ICT support center (nickname "yumekureyon + (plus)") We open with the other window(external link) as base performing consultation duties and reporting about ICT to people with a disability generally again.

 Please refer for you like so far to the following contact information as even beginner who has not used ICT apparatus can receive class kind clearly through volunteer various places.


Please see this page in schedule of person with a disability ICT classroom. (not released now)



We train ICT volunteer 

  We train ICT volunteer having impaired person do operation instruction of ICT apparatus in this business. You have you perform training lecture of volunteer registration after taking lectures, and please teach ICT apparatus as lecturer at homes of ICT classroom and impaired which yumekureyon + enforces.

 Person who is interested, please contact the following contact information. (person who is good at word Internet mails is welcome)


 It was finished about ICT volunteer training lecture to support person with a disability this year.




It is voice of communication business student attending a lecture relievedly

  • Woman in 50s
 We knew "yumekureyon" by introduction of HelloWork and participated in PC lesson. Including word and Excel as did not hardly know, was studied very much. IT vocational training was advised about by HelloWork and took lectures and we applied for current company and were able to get work (we half use PC in 1st) of merchandise management afterwards.
 In addition, we enroll in "PC volunteer" and are active because we do not forget PC operation that we learned by vocational training.
  • Woman in 40s
 I attended PC classroom of "yumekureyon" by introduction of HelloWork and, also, I thought about PC in working that necessary and attended IT vocational training. 3-month vocational training completes and, in place with confidence, we were looking for a job, and there are job offers such as video editings that were always interested and we apply and are trying word, Excel hard by editing work now.
[other voices]
・As we told very clearly carefully slowly, it was easy to understand and we did not often know and were able to make own study.
・You told even beginner carefully clearly.
・It was polite with everybody kindness. We answered question well.
・Though it was slightly difficult to learn, it was fun.
・There is classroom in Karatsu and is very convenient. We want to study from now on.
・We looked at digital camera slowly and were studied as we did not check. We want to become able to manage freely.
[voice of facility which received volunteer dispatch]
・As it was there, various environment such as person who contacted with PC well, person that there was not so opportunity to touch was attended while thinking that and we got new knowledge or it was reviewed.
・He/she learned happily. Because it is new, it seemed to be difficult at the start, but we are understood from the next time, and the first person thinks that he/she learns happily from words.

Saga person with a disability ICT support center "yumekureyon + (plus)" We open with the other window(external link)

1 setting place

The first floor of 3-3-20, Nabeshima, Saga-shi Nabeshima shiesutobiru

  2 open time 

        From Monday through Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.              

         (on Sundays and holidays) stops for year-end and New Year (from December 29 to January 3.)

   Business that 3 center carries out

 (1) ICT volunteer training business

 (2) ICT classroom business

 (3) ICT volunteer dispatch business

 (4) Activity support of ICT volunteer

 (5) Reporting about ICT to people with a disability and consultation duties


Summary of business

 Figure of business summary

Contact information

Saga person with a disability ICT support center "yumekureyon +" (plus) We open with the other window(external link)

Telephone : 0952-36-6977 fax : 0952-36-6978

E-mail: info@ykureyon .com  



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