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(basic -1) Non profit organization (NPO corporation) establishment toward the thought

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 In this page, we publish in the following item order about flow until consultation of establishment of non profit organization (NPO corporation) establishing principal office in Saga and corporation establishment.

 1. Summary of nonprofit activities promotion law (NPO law) and NPO corporation administration

 2. About consultation, application reception counter

 3. About handover of power municipalities and the counter in charge

 4. About NPO incorporation procedure

 5. The certification and legal personality registration

 6. General inspection and corporation access to information of information disclosure = application are the first floor of the prefectural office "Saga spirit open spaces"


(note) when install office in the metropolis and districts more than two, it is application to jurisdiction agency of the location of principal office.


Summary of 1 nonprofit activities promotion law (NPO law) and NPO corporation administration

  In our city and town, private non profit organization including volunteer activity is active much as option group which does not have juridical personality in the welfare, environment, various fields including town development.

 However, various inconvenience occurs without performing in the name of group when we establish account in bank in the case of any group which does not have juridical personality and borrow office and register real estate and perform juristic act such as installing telephone. 

  Nonprofit activities promotion law (NPO law) founds way where these groups acquire juridical personality, and dissolve such an inconvenience, of the activity "promote healthy development, and is doing that have, and contribute to public increase with purpose" (Article 1).

 In addition, it can be in "authorization (exception authorization) non profit organization" targeted for preferential treatment on taxation system side when administrative body and operation are appropriate and correspond to nine standards as group contributing to public increase in NPO corporation. 


 As for the details, please see the following attached files.



About 2 consultation, application reception counter

 In Saga, we perform reception desk (※ note) of consultation such as preparations method until establishment or mention method of application and application in Saga prefectural government office Citizens Partnership Division and delegation of authority municipalities (we refer to the next clause).

 That consultation is hoped for about "way of mention of application does not understand" NPO corporation where "it is not revealed whether ○○ business corresponds to business to be able to do in NPO corporation" where "we think that we mend corporation, but it is not revealed whether we should do by what kind of procedure" come to Citizens Partnership Division.

 In addition, person that consultation is hoped for hopes that you make a reservation of the date and time of consultation as much as possible.


 Saga prefectural government office Citizens Partnership Division

・The location

  〒840-8570 1-1-59, Jonai, Saga-shi, Saga Saga prefectural government office old building the first floor

・Business hours 

 (in the morning) From 8:30 to 12:00 (in the afternoon) from 13:00 to 17:15 ※Saturday, Sundays and holidays are excluded

・Phone number

  0952-25-7374 FAX0952-25-7561

※In Saga prefectural government office, we receive all incorporation consultation of (plan) to put office in each prefecture municipality regardless of having delegation of authority or not.

 However, about presentation such as establishment certification applications, in the case of handover of power municipalities, address of the office location becomes department in charge of the handover of power municipalities concerned.


About 3 handover of power municipalities and counter in charge

 In Saga, we may transfer authority about NPO corporation to your imminent city hall and window of town office.

 We call these municipalities "handover of power municipalities" and are street of list shown below.

 When we install office of corporation only in the following municipalities, as for application of establishment, the submission (notices of others such as documents about amendment of articles such as business reports, officer notification of change) after establishment, section of the following handover of power municipalities becomes counter in charge.

 But counter in charge becomes Saga Citizens Partnership Division when we install plural offices, and they sit astride plural municipalities.

(reception counter of transfer municipalities)

 Karatsu-shiCommunity improvement sectionTelephone: 0955-72-9220 
 Tosu-shiPromotion of civic cooperation section Telephone: 0942-85-3576 
  Taku-shiGeneral Policy Division Telephone: 0952-75-2116
 Imari-shi Town development section Telephone: 0955-23-2114 
  Takeo-shiCivic collaboration section Telephone: 0954-23-9122 
 Kashima-shiPlan Finance Division 

Telephone: 0954-63-2101 

  Ureshino-shiPromotion of civic cooperation section Telephone: 0954-66-9115
  Kanzaki-shiPlanning Division Telephone: 0952-37-0102 
  Kiyama-choTown development section Telephone: 0942-92-7920 



Town development section

Plan Policy Division 

Telephone: 0955-46-2990

Telephone: 0952-81-3112

  Shiroishi-choPlan Finance Division Telephone: 0952-84-7112 
  Tara-choPlan business and industry section 

Telephone: 0954-67-0312 

 (presentation such as applications which handover of power municipalities have jurisdiction over)


   1-1-59, Jonai, Saga-shi, Saga Saga prefectural government office old building the first floor

   Department of Citizens and Environmental Affairs part Citizens Partnership Division
  Telephone 0952-25-7374 fax 0952-25-7561

About 4 NPO incorporation procedures

 Presentation of establishment certification application is necessary after holding of establishment general meeting from making of required document needing resolution commencing with articles of incorporation before we reach NPO establishment of corporation.

 Please refer to figures of following flow for flow of a series of procedures in Notifecations to acceptance - registration of establishment (Legal Affairs Bureau) ... or other related organizations of preparations for establishment - establishment general meeting - establishment certification application - certification book.



5 certification and legal personality registration

 We decide the certification or the non-certification from application more for less than two months (in other words, from application less than three months) after general inspection period for a month.

 In the case of the certification, I hand "certification book".

 Within two weeks from day when applicant who got the certification accepted certification book, corporation is established by registering establishment in the location of the principal office.

 (in the case of NPO corporation, registration and license tax pertaining to the registration is released)

 It is not established only with certification book as corporation. We can use name non profit organization (or NPO corporation) only after doing registration of establishment.


[about the registration]

 We accept all legal personality registration application such as registration of establishment or registration of alteration in Saga in "Saga region Legal Affairs Bureau" in Saga-shi.

 Style of registration dossier is available from homepage of Legal Affairs Bureau.

 As "corporation seal" to register is necessary, on the registration, we will make. In addition, certification of a seal impression and registered seal of director (representative) are necessary, too.


 Please take the following attached file into account about the details of registration application.


PDF Establishment filing of a seal-impression mention example We open with the other window(PDF: 166.1 kilobytes)


 Non profit organization registration of establishment and registration of alteration, please go by all means; to We open with the other windowpage


General inspection, corporation access to information of 6 information disclosure = applications is the first floor of the prefectural office "Saga spirit open space"

 ["general inspection" of 1 information disclosure application document]
 Establishment certification application documents (as for amendment of articles certification application, the merger certification application, like) submitted by establishment applicant are provided in information disclosure place of presentation (municipalities in the case of delegation of authority municipalities concerned) by one-month "general inspection".
 ["reading" of 2 information disclosure corporation presentation documents]

 In addition, the latest articles of incorporation such as submitted business reports, the latest matter to be registered certificate are offered for "reading" in each information disclosure place of Saga prefectural government office and the handover of power municipalities concerned by ni NPO corporation since they establish.


 [in the public place of 3 information disclosure Saga prefectural offices "Saga spirit open space"]

 As we read general inspection of application documents submitted to Saga, articles of association of all prefecture corporations, business report, entry certificate in the first floor of the new building "Saga spirit open space" in Saga prefectural government office, which you want to look at come to "Saga spirit open space".


 In addition, we can see corporation information that we place in "Cabinet Office portal site" when we click corporation name in "NPO corporation information retrieval" of this homepage page. Furthermore, in Cabinet Office portal site, we can see national NPO corporation information.

 We open with the other windowTo Saga NPO corporation information retrieval page

 To We open with the other windowpage that national NPO corporation information can search in Cabinet Office portal site 


 [in 4 information disclosure corporations in office duty of documents preparation holder]

 NPO corporation must disclose information, too. You must offer business reports of degree for reading every year when the latest articles of incorporation, the latest officer list, the latest matter to be registered certificate keep in all offices, and there is request from employee (regular member) and party concerned.



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