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Furusato Nouzei "measure support course"

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 In Saga, we want to do "we want you to be such Saga" in "form" through utilization of donation to take "thought" and "wish" of various places of donor including "we want field of ○○ to add pressure".

 From such a thought, you have a choice between 15 business about use of donation as "measure support course". It is small, but sends article of thanks like Saga.

But please note that  these accept as "designation contribution" (thing which we judge distribution to each field while donor hoping for some kind of purpose for which money is spent about own donation, and respecting this as prefecture and utilize) as "burden contribution belonging to" to just establish in Local Autonomy Law Article 96 Clause 1 ninth We open with the other window(external link) (thing which prefecture assumes a legal obligation as conditions of contribution, and affects the effect of contribution including cancellation of the contribution concerned in the case of the failure).

 In addition, about the utilization situation, we tell through news from Furusato Nouzei once a year and send even homepage and Facebook at any time.

Nature, environment of Saga

1) Maintenance, reproduction of sea "existence Akemi" of treasure

  2) Maintenance of special scenic beauty "Nijinomatsubara"

Ariake Sea that Saga is proud of to the world. It was enrolled in important damp ground, Ramsar Convention globally as habitat of waterfowl. However, this sea is not unrelated to recent environmental problem, too. It becomes citizen of the prefecture bullet and wrestles to regain the sea of treasure. 


One, Nijinomatsubara of Japan's three biggest Matsubara. NPO cooperates with the local government that inhabitants cooperate with the local government and keep this unique scenery, and to inherit and wrestles for cleaning and matsuyo* kinado of Matsubara, maintenance activity.

<the main purpose for which money is spent>

Promotion of enlightenment activity and clean up activity, protection of the animals and plants 


<the main purpose for which money is spent>

Maintenance activities of citizen of the prefecture participation

Tradition, the history of Saga 

3) Maintenance of famous spot of colored leaves "nine years hermitage"   4) Utilization of world heritage "Mietsu Naval Dock Site"

Annex which businessman Yataro Itami spent time of nine years on hermitage for nine years and constructed. It is famous spot of colored leaves representing Kyushu appointed in scenic beauty of country and inherits carefully from now on. 


"Mietsu Naval Dock Site" which is symbol of advanced technology of Saga feudal clan. As pride of Saga, we work on understanding promotion and information dispatch.


<the main purpose for which money is spent>

Repair of building of free-standing tea ceremony room architecture and maintenance of garden


<the main purpose for which money is spent>

Understanding promotion, information dispatch, PR business such as value of world heritage

 5) Great man of Saga!

  Father "Yoshitake Shima" of Hokkaido reclamation bronze statue erection


 Yoshitake Shima bronze statue erection2018 is year of Hokkaido naming 150 years for Meiji Restoration 150 years. We erect bronze statue of Yoshitake Shima as memory monument in the ground of Saga to honor Yoshitake Shima from Saga that contributed to Hokkaido reclamation as the first reclamation third-ranking official in the Meiji new government, and to keep the frontier spirit "will" alive in now, and to tie to this memorable age in Saga in the future.

By hot thought of all of you, we will connect "will" of Yoshitake Shima in the future!


※We publish one that had you contribute in good reputation record. In addition, it is rare

 We carve a seal and post only wish on good reputation board.

 <the main purpose for which money is spent>

Bronze statue erection of Yoshitake Shima

※When contribution amount of money exceeds bronze statue erection costs; of Saga including maintenance and Yoshitake Shima of bronze statue 

 It inflects for spread of great men enlightenment.

 Education of Saga
6) Improvement of child books of The Prefectural Library   7) Wanted! Oh, we do and do not drain!
   Improvement of scholarship fund

We utilize donation in available environment creation from exhibition of "old tale of Saga for Web" "natural digital large encyclopedia of Saga" and preschool child.


To protect bud of possibility of children who cannot but give up study for financial reason! We increase loan limit of scholarship fund.

<the main purpose for which money is spent>

The purchase of child book of The Prefectural Library



<the main purpose for which money is spent>

Expansion of loan frame of scholarship fund 

8) Support old school!
   Designated contribution of prefectural school
  9)Support of Shoto school building

In hope of the repayment of favor to old school and progress of old school and…. We can support prefectural school by contribution that we appointed. Contribution that we had is added to school budget of the next fiscal year. Your feeling touches good old old school.


Photograph of Shoto school building To you who carry the next generation….

Student dormitory for person from Saga where Shoto school building enters a school of higher grade in metropolitan area. We establish by Shigenobu Okuma and others in 1924, and Saga scholarship association operates now. Because student including holding of facilities repair and exchange meeting sends comfortable dormitory life, donation makes use.        

<the main purpose for which money is spent>

Instructional activity enhancement or equipment servicing of prefectural school which donor appoints 


<the main purpose for which money is spent>

Equipment servicing and administration support of Shoto school building


The welfare, medical care of Saga 

10) Activity of child entrance facility is fulfilling


11) Support of dog and cat transfer business 






We hold ball game athletic meet to deepen physical strength improvement and the friendship of children entering child welfare institution!







Dog and cat transfer center "isshokenne" did OPEN in March, 2015. In Saga, we promote Kindness to animals business towards "society where person and animal can live together". We apply in enlightenment of health care and aptitude breeding including vaccine, and donation reduces killing. 

<the main purpose for which money is spent>

The presentation of meeting prize for participation

  <the main purpose for which money is spent>

Health care, enlightenment of aptitude breeding

12) Promotion of heavy particle line cancer treatment 

 13) Keep smile of children! Improvement of pediatric care






For advanced medical care to cure of without cutting good for your health, promotion of heavy particle line cancer treatment "Kyushu International Heavy Ion Beam Therapy Center (nickname supports facility administration of SAGA HIMAT.

12) Keep smile of children! Improvement of pediatric care
We plan improvement of
pediatric care by carrying out support of security countermeasures and medical institution of pediatrician. We keep smile of children carrying the next generation of Saga by improvement of pediatric care and support healthy growth!

 <the main purpose for which money is spent> Maintenance administration support of SAGA HIMAT

SAGA HIMAT card is presented to contributed one from public interest foundation Saga international heavy particle line cancer treatment foundation.

<the main purpose for which money is spent>

Security countermeasures of pediatrician, support of medical institution pertaining to pediatric care












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