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Furusato Nouzei (support such as NPO)

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In Saga, we support local actions by NPO.

  Furusato Nouzei of Saga appoints NPO which all of you want to support and can contribute, and 95% of amount of contribution are issued to appointed NPO. 

 ※It is limited to NPO meeting requirements that Saga establishes.

    Please see the following summary about requirements that Saga establishes in detail.



 In addition, please cooperate as you accept "community improvement of Kenmin Kyodo" that is contribution to promotion of community improvement that CSO (NPO), company, the government collaborate other than "support that appointed NPO".


 About purpose of contribution such as NPO, we examine and, as a result, may not issue contribution to NPO you like. In that case, we utilize Kenmin Kyodo of Saga in business to push forward as contribution to "community improvement of Kenmin Kyodo". 


   In addition, these accept as "designation contribution" (thing which we issue to the NPO concerned to make use for activities such as each NPO while donor hoping for purpose about own donation, and respecting this as prefecture) as "burden contribution belonging to" to just set of Local Autonomy Law Article 96 Clause 1 ninth We open with the other window(external link) (thing which prefecture assumes a legal obligation as conditions of contribution, and affects the effect of contribution including cancellation of the contribution concerned in the case of the failure). 


※We do not prepare for article of gift in return from prefecture to control office work expense that it costs for Furusato Nouzei of prefecture about contribution to "support that appointed NPO" and "community improvement of Kenmin Kyodo", and to utilize in business to push forward thing and Kenmin Kyodo handing sums (95% of amount of contribution) as much as possible to appointed NPO.


 In addition, about "support that appointed NPO," appointed NPO may send article of gift in return. For more details, please confirm in the following.



    • ※With CSO: By abbreviation of Civil Society Organizations (civil society organization), we refer to "CSO" including residents' association, neighborhood association, women's society, old man society, organization, group such as PTA not only NPO corporation, Civil activities, volunteer group.


※NPO in list is NPO which confirmed that we meet requirements for prefecture to become designation of Furusato Nouzei based on application.

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