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 Oldness and Saga support site


"Furusato Nouzei" is "donation" to the local government

 Which has visited in person who was born and raised in this Saga and one, transfer and trip that spent school days…Method to have you send the thought that wants to support Saga as oldness and "of" heart regardless of hometown and the present house is "Furusato Nouzei".


Structure of Furusato Nouzei

 Which "we want to support oldness" is system founded in taxation system revision (expands the donation taxation system for the metropolis and districts and municipality) in 2008 to realize thought of tax payer to "want to contribute to oldness".
 We use the word "tax payment", but income tax and residence tax of local public entity to live are reduced to the constant ceiling when we perform contribution more than 2,000 yen not system to pay its tax newly by doing final income tax returns.

Characteristic of Saga Furusato Nouzei

 We want to make "thought" and "wish" of donors having you usually support this prefecture in Saga "form" through inflection of donation.

 To purpose of contribution, please choose article of use and thanks of donation.


    ※It is small, but sends article of thanks like Saga.

  • Local industry support course』: I send brand-name products which Saga is proud of as article of thanks. (house ino is object outside Saga.) 


About support such as NPO through Furusato Nouzei 

 Furusato Nouzei (contribution to Saga) of Saga appoints NPO which all of you want to support and can contribute. Citizens Partnership Division became window of contribution reception desk, consultation about Furusato Nouzei for support such as NPO from April 1, 2015.

 >> Procedure (Saga Citizens Partnership Division) of "Furusato Nouzei" (support such as NPO) 

 Furusato Nouzei (support such as NPO)

 We support financial fundamental reinforcement, independence support, activities such as NPO by performing support through until utilization from acceptance about contribution that appointed NPO in Citizens Partnership Division.

※We do not prepare for article of gift in return from prefecture to hold down office work expense of prefecture about contribution to "support that appointed NPO" and "community improvement of Kenmin Kyodo", and to utilize in business to push forward thing and Kenmin Kyodo to hand in NPO where sums (95% of amount of contribution) as much as possible were appointed.    



   1. About application

   2. About payment

   3. About inflection business of donation 

Article of thanks of Furusato Nouzei corresponds to occasional income

 Article of thanks of Furusato Nouzei corresponds to occasional income in Income Tax Law. Contribution is act not to demand value, and, as for this, sending of article of thanks is based on way of thinking to be donation from the local government (corporation) not value of contribution. When annual occasional income net totals exceed 500,000 yen, occasional income becomes taxable about sum that we exceeded.

 Please refer to homepage of the National Tax Agency for occasional income in detail We open with the other window(external link)

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