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Consultation of heart

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In Center for Mental Health and Welfare, we perform consultation about trouble and correspondence of various hearts.
We carry out consultation by psychiatrist as needed.

Mental health welfare consultation (consultation by visit to an office) * telephone reservation is necessary.

1 public consultation      

We perform consultation about trouble of heart, mental symptom.
Consultation of 2 pubertal hearts 
We perform school refusal and consultation about puberty including stop-at-home.

Consultation about dependency including 3 drugs, alcohol gamble

We perform consultation about dependency including neighboring correspondence in home and the workplace.


Telephone consultation

(telephone 0952-73-5556 of Saga heart)
(from 9:00 to 16:00 to remove on holiday for from Monday to Friday)        


  Including trouble to be concerned with trouble of personal relationships, trouble in character, action, pubertal trouble, trouble concerning child care, long-term care, alcohol or drug please feel free to contact.

Various family classrooms


Gathering of stop-at-home families

Family with trouble of target person stop-at-home
(second Wednesday from 14:00 to 16:00)

  Family ... troubled with "stop-at-home" problem.

 Do you not share uneasiness and feeling to get impatient by talking about families, each experience with the same trouble?
 Even if there are few feelings of family, it is taken the ease and wants to have you spend time to be able to be relieved.

Drug dependency family classroom

Family who is troubled with target person drug dependency

(fourth Wednesday from 15:00 to 16:30)

  By problem of drug of family and close friend, does "... which does not know how we should receive" not hold "... that we are swung around and were tired" such thought?

 It is family classroom for families having drug problem (stimulant, dangerous drug, prescribed medicine).
 What kind of disease is drug dependency?
 You stop, and do you not really arrange the way of correspondence to drug and the person?

(contents of classroom) 

  • What will happen to the person?
  • Is health of your own followed?
  • What kind of how to contact are you doing?
  • Let's know available engine, facility
  • Free program 

Gamble dependency, family classroom

Family who is troubled with target person gamble dependency

(fourth Tuesday from 14:00 to 16:00)

 We do gamble borrowing money with gamble dependency and own life or human relations roll up neighboring people by doing gamble and torment.
 Particularly, it is monkeyed around, and family is driven into problem and a large amount of debt that the person caused mentally.
 In our center, we hold family lesson for the purpose of recovery of family.
 As we want to have time when knowledge and the family for gamble dependency can be relieved last, we look forward to participation.
 (contents of classroom)
  • About gamble dependency
  • About correspondence to debt made of dependencies
  • Arrive so that you are rolled up
  • About available engine, facility, group

Eye message meeting

Feelings which noticed problem and problem of codependence of person oneself target

(fourth Tuesday from 10:00 to 12:00)
  • ... which is always swung around by person except oneself
  • ... which does not know what oneself wants
 Targeting at one that has begun to notice problem of own feelings and problem of codependence, exchange of opinions and difference go ino which did I (eye, I) with the leading role have a meeting.
 We notice own feelings and think to be ... if it is a chance to be able to live in oneself carefully.
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