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It recruits participants of story-telling lecture!

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We tell the way of story-telling that child is pleased with!

 We make child care, and, as part of grand province "Saga" project, "we want to know effect and way of story-telling" carries out "story-telling lecture" to dispatch lecturer to the cause of to "want to make group of story-telling" for the purpose of planning more promotion of story-telling activity to children in area and home.

Offer guidance

Business outline

 We dispatch story-telling group in child care circle or kindergarten, nursery school and perform demonstration instruction of story-telling, advice about the construction and administration of story-telling group.

Lecture conduct period

Until March 31, 2019


 Child care circle, kindergarten, nursery school, elementary school, junior high school, group (it is said as follows with "groups") which is interested in story-telling such as special support schools which is interested in story-telling
 ※Main object is protector, but children can participate together, too.


 Story-telling group (in the story-telling groups where it is active around district holding lecture.of the prefecture Prefecture Lifelong Learning Division coordinates.)

The date and time, place

 About the date and time, place that groups hope for by attendance application (style first), we adjust via prefecture Lifelong Learning Division in both sides such as story-telling group and group and are decided.
 About holding place of lecture, groups are available for holding at usually active place. (e.g.,: room, public hall where there is no of kindergarten)


 About one dispatch within about one hour become held. Consecutive holding is possible, too.


Lecture contents

 Groups should comply with content to hope for by attendance application (style first) from next. In addition, about the details, we shall adjust in both groups and story-telling groups.
  • Demonstration instruction such as story-telling effect or method
  • Advice instruction about establishment and administration of story-telling group
  • Others


 In expenses pertaining to lecture, prefecture bears compensation, the travel expenses of lecturer. 


Flow of application

  1. Groups in hope of lecture attendance of lecture holding preferred date mail attendance application (style first) to prefecture Lifelong Learning Division or, by January, please almost bring.
  2. When lecture holding is decided, from prefecture Lifelong Learning Division, we send notice of dispatch decision (style third).
  3. For adjustment of concrete lecture content, we contact groups from prefecture Lifelong Learning Division or lecturer.
  4. We hold story-telling lecture.
  5. Within two weeks after story-telling lecture conduct, please submit lecture conduct report (style fifth) to prefecture Lifelong Learning Division.

Voice of results example and participant of last year

Karatsu City outside town Elementary School (Karatsu-shi)

"We turned up, and had you tell clearly way of holding book of page while picking up real book. We often knew for the first time and met."


Shiroishi-cho child care support circle to tear off (Shiroishi-cho) to tear off

When "mothers were glad of having met there having been new encounter with "picture book" and thing that we were usually troubled with, we were pleased."


Tachibana kindergarten (Takeo-shi)

Unlike "directional lecture form, form like this time with demonstration instruction is easy to get into various places of protector and thinks that it was in place to be able to learn while enjoying."



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