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From December 23, 2016 to February 28, 2017 (weekday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Friday and Saturday)

[extension of term!] Look for plan of real treasure hunt "fantastic steamship mechanism-maru" - secret; is now being held in ...! [until March 12]

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[extension of term!] Look for plan of real treasure hunt "fantastic steamship mechanism-maru" - secret and is holding ... [until March 12]

☆Rial treasure hunt game site☆

 Hawk rush We open with the other window(external link)


[because of favorable reception event extension of term!] Until Sunday, March 12!


We hold "real treasure hunt game" in world heritage "Mietsu Naval Dock Site" which Saga is proud of this winter. 

Participant being given only as for the book of trial. We solve the mystery, and let's find <secret plan> of the fantastic steamship mechanism-maru!

It is "you" to have treasure in the hand.  



 December 23, 2016 (Friday Sundays and holidays) - Sunday, March 12, 2017 from 9:00 to half past 16 ※We put together on opening day of the Tsunetami Sano Memorial and carry out.

※Closed day Monday (in the case of holiday, transfer the next day), the year-end and New Year holidays (from December 29 to January 3)  



The Mietsu Naval Dock Site outskirts (Tsunetami Sano Memorial 0952-34-9455)

446-1, Hayatsuetsu, Kawasoemachi, Saga-shi, Saga     


With none of the objects (but child who is lower than primary schoolchild, please participate with protector) 


Entrance fee for free



 We obtain participation booklet <book of trial> of treasure hunt in Tsunetami Sano Memorial the second-floor general bureau! We will search "mystery" in booklet in hall! We introduce "keyword discovery" into report place, and let's obtain <book of mechanism> if we understand password.

It is search ・・. based on the second map at the Mietsu Naval Dock Site outskirts It is great search by "plan of the mechanism-maru" for hint with "clue panel" which we found there! If report the last keyword that discovered, and get "finder Prize", write questionnaire, and apply for lottery prize; is uncool! 

 Everybody, please participate in "rial treasure hunt game" to be able to learn while enjoying Mietsu Naval Dock Site.


※There is what to use "mietsu SCOPE" to rent in Mietsu Naval Dock Site free for.

Identity verification documents such as driver's license, student identification card is necessary for rental of scope.


 Sponsorship Saga (cooperation: Tsunetami Sano memorial)


Lottery prize

A prize: SGC Saga Airport Cessna experience (for 3 persons)] three sets nine people

B prize: Five sets of accommodation ticket (one set of two people)] pairs in Saga

C prize: Game console NEW Nintendo 3DS LL seven people

Federation of sightseeing in Saga prize: Sightseeing in Saga PR character pot samurai goods ten people

Triple Tsu navy prize: Assorted triple Tsu goods ten people

jalan prize: jalan original clear file 15 people

EPOCH prize: Toy three kinds (per one kind) for each two people

Finder Prize: Hawk rush card (all the detectors)


 ※Real treasure hunt is registered trademark of hawk rush.


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Please support Saga sole world heritage with iine == convex; ...♪♪ 
"Mietsu Naval Dock Site" (Saga)
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