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Please be careful about troubles about virtual currency

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 Troubles over so-called "virtual currency" traded through the Internet electronically increase, and Consumer Affairs Agency calls for attention.

With the enforcement such as revised settlement of funds law, virtual currency exchange supplier is obliged to carry out registration to Financial Services Agency, local finance bureau. In the case of business, we confirm whether it is proprietor registered with Financial Services Agency, local finance bureau in Financial Services Agency WEB site We open with the other window(external link), and let's be careful about the following precaution. As for the details, please see Consumer Affairs Agency publication document We open with the other window(external link).


Precaution (we extract from Consumer Affairs Agency publication document) when we use virtual currency

  • Virtual currency is not "lawful currency" that country warrants the value like Japanese Yen or the dollar. It is electronic data exchanged on the Internet.
  • As for the virtual currency, price may fluctuate. The price of virtual currency makes a sudden drop and may suffer a loss.
  • Virtual currency exchange supplier (※) needs registration to Financial Services Agency, local finance bureau. When you use, please confirm on homepage We open with the other window(external link) of company or Financial Services Agency, local finance bureau that received registration. Company which performs services to change lawful currency, virtual currencies for (※) imagination currency
  • When you trade virtual currency, you receive explanation from company, and please perform after understanding business contents and risk (price fluctuation risk, cyber security risk) well.
  • Consultation about virtual currency and fraudulent coin increases. Using virtual currency, please be careful about fraud and malicious business methods taking advantage of introduction of virtual currency exchange business.

Consultation counter when we were in trouble

<< as for the consultation about financial service including virtual currency >>

Financial service user counselor's office 0570-016811
Weekdays from 10:00 to 17:00
※From IP telephone, PHS, have a seat in 03-5251-6811.


<< if we undergo suspicious calls >>

188 (a little!) without consumers hot line exchange number
※We show around nearest consumer service center or consumer life consultation counter. We show around the Saga prefecture every day for from 9:00 to 17:00. (excluded for the year-end and New Year holidays)


 To police consultation exclusive telephone # 9110 or the nearest police station


Past main consultation example (we extract from Consumer Affairs Agency publication document)

[consultation about credibility]

  • We purchased virtual currency, but email that the purchase completed from purchase does not come. We want you to regain money as it may be fraud.
  • We participated in virtual currency business which we found on the Internet. We are unreliable unlike original story. We offered the cancellation of a contract, but we are performed answer to wait and are uneasy. It may be fraud.
  • When 1% of allotment a day arrived from acquaintance, we were introduced and we purchased imagination currency for 10 million yen and left at overseas investment site, but have been closed.


[the cancellation of a contract, consultation about refund]

  • It was just introduced that we could scoop up if we bought virtual currency by acquaintance. We called net mail-order retailer by oneself and remitted hundreds of thousands of yen. However, we knew that date when virtual currency circulated and was started was the next year afterwards. We required to call this proprietor as it was different from explanation contents, and to refund the cancellation of a contract. Supplier replied that we refund, but is uneasy as he/she did not show in date.
  • It is opportunity to have bought information dealer materials for the asset formation and the purchase of virtual currency is recommended by distributor and invests 6 million yen. Refund hope of the total amount.
  • Profit talk was approached with by A who got to know in SNS. It was talk to be profitable if we invested in virtual currency. We were introduced organization B of administration and transferred 1 million yen to bank account of organization. We do not know the address of A and organization B. We know only the e-mail address of A. There are not contracts at all. Based upon the foregoing, of contract thought that might be insubstantial, and became afraid that might be deceived. After offering refund to A by email, reply arrived when we asked B. It is how many degrees, and there is not reply at all afterwards even if we e-mail. What to do.


[consultation about system and security]

  • We perform major virtual currency business company and virtual currency business on the Internet. We sold virtual currency, but are not transferred to own account.
  • Of 2,800,000 yen that was accessed account of virtual currency illegally, and left during approximately ten minutes the total amount almost had stolen. We are in trouble without exchange compensating.
  • In virtual currency exchange which we found on the Internet, we purchased virtual currency for 50,000 yen. Somebody operated own account without permission and seemed to remit to third party.


[consultation about correspondence of company]

  • We register in virtual currency exchange and received money four days ago, but receipt of money information is not yet reflected. Inquired correspondence is bad, too. Are there actions to be taken, complaint-response window?
  • Without having applied for remittance procedure for virtual currency, but being remitted to partner, during "procedure" remain. We ask company, but correspondence is bad. Are there not actions to be taken?
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