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... which does not support revolution exhibition by the Hizen Saga late Tokugawa period, or raises ... supporter company, groups

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Logo mark of exhibition
 We finally start revolution exhibition on March 17, 2018 by the Hizen Saga late Tokugawa period until January 14, 2019. Promotion meeting recruits supporter company, groups of this "Hizen Saga late Tokugawa period revolution exhibition".


 "We declare that we perform support (support) of exhibition" and do condition to become supporter and are "to have you heap up exhibition", and approach for heaping up does not mind as far as it is possible.

 We look forward to supporter declaration of all of many companies, groups.


(approach example)

Support of "○○○ hall"

Active participation in exhibition events of employees (member)

PR of exhibition holding in flyer publication and business, business partner of exhibition logo

Conduct of plan exhibition to exhibition holding

Development of original product, service to exhibition holding

We hold meeting in Saga and lead to exhibition


The appearance of the late Tokugawa period revolution Memorial





 Company (we OK branch, branch), group, school, CSO, residents' association



Method of declaration

 Homepage or SNS have you declare the effect "supporting revolution exhibition by method by the Hizen Saga late Tokugawa period", and please send necessary matters to the meeting secretariat after mention in attached sheet "notification form".

 We publish names such as company, group in homepage.



Please utilize logo mark of "Hizen Saga late Tokugawa period revolution exhibition".

 All of company, groups in hope of the use is available gratis, too.

 For more details, please utilize logo mark of "Hizen Saga late Tokugawa period revolution exhibition", and please see page.



About declaration of personal everybody

 This offer intends for company, group, but does not disturb supporter declaration and support of personal everybody.

 In SNS such as Facebook and Twitter, Instagram, please support exhibition.





(company, all of groups who had you declare supporter)

World executive committee of traditional literary arts of Saga
Ricoh Japan Saga branch office
Kuniharu Uchida photograph office
Mid Saga
Life Co.,Ltd. pro
Otsuka Pharmaceutical Fukuoka Branch Saga branch office
mimatsu industrial arts
Saga advertisement center
Ide food
(medicine) hospital of Tang rainbow society Niji to Umi
S project
(kyo) Alta hope group
N eye Kay
raifu Pharmacies medical college street shop
Shop in front of the raifu Pharmacies enthusiast straight hall
raifu Pharmacies Takagi shallows shop
raifu Pharmacies Kawazoe shop
raifu Pharmacies Higashimachi, Karatsu store
raifu Pharmacies Hyogo store
raifu Pharmacies Kihara shop
Federation of Fisheries Cooperative Association of Kariya
(no company) Saga pharmacist society
Japanese Red Cross Society Saga Branch
Medical welfare technical school green straight hall
As for every Saga, it is day advertisement company
Sumitomo Life Insurance Co. Saga branch office
Association of Saga fishery trust fund
(no company) Saga stock raising public corporation
Soejima glass industry
Saga agriculture public corporation
Ariake, Saga Sea fishermen's cooperative association
Yomiuri advertisement western part Saga branch office
Long light garden person with a disability support center
Kashima nursing garden
Cable one
Genkai, Saga fishermen's cooperative association
Saga trust Fisheries Cooperatives
Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies
Imari nursing school
Harada design
Dr. Shigemura's office
Karatsu nursing technical school
Fujitsu cablevision
(public corporation) Saga nursing society
(no company) Association of Saga wood
National research and development corporation forest study, maintenance mechanism forest maintenance center Saga forest at the head of a river maintenance office
(no company) Saga dental association
Karatsu agricultural cooperative
Quiche X Quiche- public wine bar -
Saga dream Lions Club
(fortune) Saga Council of Social Welfare
(medicine) Hirai internal medicine
Kubo landscape gardening, AMEX group
hoterumaritare construction Saga
Association of Saga agriculture trust fund
itsumo wing Pharmacies
Middle Saga forestry owners' association
Fuji Daiwa Shinrin association
Kashima Ureshino forestry owners' association
Tara-cho forestry owners' association
Takeo Kishima forestry owners' association
East Saga forestry owners' association
Saga forestry owners' association federation
Imari Nishimatsuura forestry owners' association
Pine and others forestry owners' association
Kyushu Ryukoku Junior College
Saga Shimbun Cultural Center
(general incorporated foundation) Smile ground
Official note-type Ekimaechuuo classroom
Saga landscape gardening cooperative
(no company) Saga Medical Association
(no company) Saga-shi Medical Association
Memo lead group
Bank Of Saga,Ltd.
Elysion philharmony orchestra SAGA
 Meeting of Saga old tale
 (no company) Association of Saga landscape gardening construction industry
 Nishim Electronics Industries Saga Branch
 Rissho Kosei-kai Saga church
 Saga electrician business industrial guild
 (public interest incorporated foundation) Fund of Saga green
 (*hi) Meeting of earth citizen
 (go) under the leaves
 Arida cable network
 Nostalgic wave abusive dance executive committee of the 150th anniversary of Hizen Saga late Tokugawa period revolution
 Net com BB
 Sightseeing in agricultural cooperative Saga Branch
 (fortune) young Kusu acorn village
 Cooking gourd
 FM Saga
 Saga social insurance consultant society
 Asuka garden
 Saga land improvement enterprise group federation
 Village which is Malin center slope
 (no company) Ureshino Onsen Sightseeing Association
 Saga administrative scrivener society
 (no company) Kashima-shi Sightseeing Association
 Saga Sports Club
 West Kyushu NICHIREKI
 Association for Harunobu Saga
 Forest of environmental art
 (no company) Saga agriculture meeting
 Office Takahashi
 Hankyu Express International
 Ariake nettokomu
 Toshin real estate
 Noguchi home center
 Kawazoe town development meeting out of village of philanthropism
 Boo gene house Ureshino
 Karatsu business college
 West Nippon Telegraph And Telephone Corp. Saga Branch
 Sightseeing in riding ground taxi
 Chugoku Marine Paints, Ltd.
 Association of Saga pharmaceutical products wholesale business
 KADOKAWA Kyushu office
 Saga special course school vocational school federation
 Saga computer technical school
 Ryukoku High School
 NEC Fielding Saga Branch
 JTB Kyushu Saga Branch
 Nanatsujima farm output
 Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Kyushu district maintenance station Takeo river office
 Saga Densan Center
 Saga medium and small-sized business group center society
 Saga girls' high school attached to Saga Women's Junior College
 Aioi Nissay Dowa Generals Ins.
 Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) Saga trade information center
 Karatsu Chamber of Commerce and Industry
 We did Japanese-style restaurant river
 Three treasures
 Saga school High School
 Imari Chamber of Commerce and Industry
 Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Kyushu district maintenance station Saga national highway office
 Fukuoka financial affairs branch office Saga financial affairs office
 SUMCO Kyushu office
 Local history media "Yuka Reno"
 Daiwa sheet metal painting industry
 Saga Chamber of Commerce and Industry youth group
 Saga City Nabeshima Elementary School PTA
 Tosu Chamber of Commerce and Industry
 Datong metal Saga
 Kyudenko Corp. Saga Branch
 Saga District Court, Saga Family Court
 (*hi) Senior net Saga
 Kyushu Coe you
 NPO senior information life adviser Saga
 Takeda Pharmaceutical Saga Office
 Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Kyushu district maintenance station Karatsu harbor office
 Saga war-torn country workshop
 Friend measure drink
 Edge international beauty technical school
 Child heart dream blooms
 Saga business and industry society federation
 gakuutsuri system
 KONICA MINOLTA Japan Kyushu Branch
 NTT DATA Kyushu
 Erika health spa
 Saga Tamaya
 West Nippon Expressway service Holdings Kyushu branch office
 Ancestor ninja village Hizen dream way
 Fujitsu Ltd. Saga Branch
 Popularized ethics private supplementary school edewko
 Bank of Japan Saga office
 TEIJIN frontier
 Waseda University
 Takeshita confectionery
 Toyota Corolla Saga
 Kyushu Electric Power Co.,Inc. Saga branch office
 (no company) Ariake unused heat utilization promotion workshop
 Nakahara confectionery
 The village Okaso main office
 Tatsumi denzai
 Karatsu intelligent city promotion meeting
 Sewing machine life Yahata shop
 The sewing machine life Kokuraminami head office
 Daido Metal Co.,Ltd.
 Cottage Ureshino
 Saga altitude computerization promotion meeting
 Imari firm



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