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Furusato Nouzei application form (request for payment notice)

[measure course] Furusato Nouzei application form (request for payment notice)

Department of General Affairs Taxation Division TEL: 0952-25-7021 FAX: 0952-25-7294 Mailer starts [email protected]
Essential 〒  ‐  (half size) Example: 860-1111
About the handling of personal information
 We use personal information that I took for purposes such as business formalities based on this application and may not contribute to third party without consent of the person. To Saga Prefectural Regional Industry Support Center saga prefecture product distribution design public corporation where we consign shipment of article of thanks to from Saga (public interest incorporated foundation), we provide information that is necessary for shipment of return favor product, but carry out management of personal information thoroughly in the public corporation.
For more details, please see privacy policy ( of Saga.

But we may do individual provision of information that is necessary for homepage publication of thank-you letter shipment and each group to Kyushu International Heavy Ion Beam Therapy Center which is support ahead and each prefectural school, each professional sports team when contribution that appointed promotion of heavy particle line cancer treatment and prefectural school in the use of donation, professional sports team support are chosen.

Use of 1 required donation
 In "form in thought" of ga password Furusato Nouzei of Saga. It inflects for measure that had you choose carefully.
(as for the details this:
Use of contribution: Supplement (support of 0 prefectural 0 schools)
Choice bino case, please choose concrete support by "support of 0 prefectural 0 schools" in top column.
Use of contribution: Supplement (let's support professional sports team!)
"Let's support professional sports team", and please choose support ahead that is concrete in the case of selection of oo in top column.

Article of thanks of 2 essential measure support courses
It is small, but, toward the contribution 10,000 yen or more, sends article of thanks like Saga with appreciation.
(as for the details this:
※I do not put back article of thanks to house ino in case and the prefecture of corporation contribution. We ask you to understand.
Article of thanks of measure support course: Supplement
 Write words that choice bino case likes "book of the Saga north high calligraphy club" in top column in around five characters.
The required amount of 3 contribution and payment method
Contribution amount of money (essential)
Please list the amount of contribution of measure support course.
Amount of money to have donate Japanese yen unit (half size input. Please fill out in comma unnecessary).
(half size number)
Payment method (essential) of required donation
We will mail Yucho payment vote or payment notice later.
 ※In addition, as for the contribution more than 300,000 yen, convenience store is impossible of payment.
 ※As we cannot accept cancellation of contribution after the receipt of money unless it is unavoidable, procedure, please after confirmation enough.

We appoint in 4 delivery time
5 and others

▼500,000 yen or more donors
In the case of contribution of (corporation: 1 million yen or more), do you hope for the Governer letter of thanks 500,000 yen or more?
▼About application of one stop identification
※As application is not completed only by input of homepage, please be careful. As I send report exception application style to person demanded application of by mail at the future, after entry sealing of the requirements, please submit to Saga by mail.
Destination except home
When the destination of article of thanks is different from contribution applicant information, please fill out as follows.
Message to Saga
In addition, if there are any messages to Saga, please fill out without reserve.
6 questionnaires

Distinction of man and woman

Please tell the generation

Where did you know Furusato Nouzei of Saga?

What is reason that had you apply?

Please fill in letter displayed by lower image. (image changes every time)

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Department of General Affairs Taxation Division
Telephone: 0952-25-7021
Fax: 0952-25-7294
Mailer starts [email protected]
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