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Opinion document and the voting situation (November, 2015 will No. 20)

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Opinion document and the voting situation

Will No. 20

The approval

 Statement of position (plan) about promotion of forest, forestry, wood industrial measure

 The forest plays an irreplaceable important role for country maintenance, water source cultivation, environmental conservation, people's life including prevention of global warming. Particularly, in late years big interest and expectation are put to carbon dioxide for absorption, the forest, wood to fix while global warming becomes serious environmental problem.
 However, management base is still weak, and mountain village that is leading figure of the forest, forestry follows, and the wood-related industrial current situation does not escape from the critical situation under the influence of slump of use of long-term wood price and domestic lumber the forest, forestry.
 "Act of Measures for Promoting Mountain Villages" was revised in this March while we did it this way, and "creation of job opportunity by industrial upbringing that we made use of local characteristic" in or "promotion of domiciliation" were included in basic principles newly.
 Promotion of the forest, forestry, wood industry measure is urgent business and utilizes profits such as the forest maintenance, thinnings corresponding to location requirements to plan reproduction of mountain village area, activation of regional economy based on this new basic principles, and conduct of appropriate forestry conservancy countermeasures, the birds and beasts harm countermeasures becomes important.
 In addition, in late years it becomes urgent business to push forward the making of strong forest for disaster for outbreak to include for large-scale mountainous district disaster felt uneasy about with torrential rain and typhoon occurring frequently.
 Thus, the Diet and the government strongly call in promotion of future forest, forestry, wood industrial measure so that the particularly following measure is realized.


You let time of commencement and "the forest, forestry basic plan" to do reflect concrete policy for use of circulation of resources including promotion of shu*, re-afforestation with steady promotion of measure based on 1 act "forest, forestry basic plan" in 2016 and plan establishment of new policy for problem cancellation in area forestry, and realize expansion and perpetuation of the forest maintenance acceleration, forestry reproduction grant that is general approaches from the upper part of a river to the lower part of a river.

Plan securing of 28, Heisei fiscal budget pertaining to 2 steady promotion and prevention of global warming forest absorption source countermeasures of "the forest, forestry basic plan".
 In addition, you add forest absorption source countermeasures to purpose of "tax for global warming measure" to plan promotion of forest absorption source countermeasures that is essential to global warming measure, and plan security of stability resources for the forest maintenance promotion.

Toward the achievement 3 "wood self-sufficiency ratio 50%" or more, you plan utilization promotion such as the tree Creator of public building using local materials, creation of use of new wood and quality of wood biomass, and plan establishment of premeditated supply, sales system of area materials and the certification materials.

For 4 area promotion, mountain village promotion, plan promotion of promotion of maintenance such as the forest which linked local construction measure and maintenance of industrial infrastructure in mountain village and living environment, and forestry utilizing area resources is necessary for support for company which establishment of area forestry by wood-related industrial promotion, increase at order opportunity in local forestry business entity for domiciliation promotion, support for improvement of income, expansion of the employment improve; establish a policy.
 In addition, in ordering of business of country, promotion of mountain village area including introduction of contract, hometown job security-like security in forestry review the metropolis and districts which stood in standpoint of upbringing, securing of business entity in planned auction system in the plural number year that lumped shitakari rimade together from base unit and qualifications bid participation, planting that we did.

About the forest which appropriate maintenance including 5 condition disadvantage areas does not go ahead through, plan expansion of the public forest maintenance by forest at the head of a river creation business.

Plan reinforcement of the wild birds and beasts harm countermeasures for 6 afforestation tree protection.

For securing of security, relief of 7 areas, plan prompt restoration from mountainous district disaster caused by typhoon and torrential rain, and by extension of life of the making of forest and forestry conservancy, forest road facilities which are strong for disaster through promotion of forestry conservancy countermeasures plan promotion of "green country is tough".

 Then, we submit statement of position pursuant to the provision of Local Government Act Article 99.

  December, 2015 day

Saga assembly

 The Prime Minister    Shinzo Abe
 The Speaker of the House of Representatives      Tadamori Oshima
 The President of the House of Councilors      Masaaki Yamazaki
 The Minister of Finance       Taro Aso
 The Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications       Sanae Takaichi
 The Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries    Hiroshi Moriyama
 The Minister of Economy Trade and Industry    Mikio Hayashi
 The Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport    Keiichi Ishii
 The Minister of the Environment       Tamayo Marukawa

 Then, we submit opinion document.

  December 18, 2015

 All presenter members of the Diet

 Saga parliamentary speaker Masayoshi Nakakura

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