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Resolution (February, 2015 precedent) that was approved in special committees such as atomic energy safety measures

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The deliberation results such as bills

Resolution that was approved


Resolutions about the deliberation of special committee such as Saga assembly atomic energy safety measures

  We installed to receive outbreak of unprecedented casualty of higashikyodenryokufukushimadai - nuclear power plant, and to perform discussion of "problems of atomic energy security, disaster prevention measures, energy countermeasures" in May, 2011, and special committees such as Saga assembly atomic energy safety measures lasted for a long time for four years to date and held 12 times of substance deliberation, witness invitation 13 times, a total of 33 times such as inspection three times, committee and repeated the deliberation.

  At first, about so-called "issue of make-believe email" and "problem over pluthermal panel discussion" found out just after committee setting, we express views of this committee meeting.

  We cannot deny that we let these problems cause confusion of prefectural government, and many citizens of the prefecture have anxiety and distrust and, also, what we hang much time and labor toward elucidation far apart from problem that you should originally discuss as committee in question and couldn't but continue discussing is thing regrettable at all and can only say with regret.

 As committee, "the issue of make-believe email" concludes that careless remark and action of Governor Yasushi Furukawa at the time are the beginnings and points out some other time as it was big factor that had relationship that the prefectural executives including ex-Governor Furukawa should say Kyushu Electric Power and the collusion that are company in the past atomic energy administration as factor of such an action.

  Even if such a question is brought up although we denied, oneself is to blame for that it was incorrigible and that we continue still receiving such an indication, and, as for the ex-Governor Furukawa, own remark, action and direct connection with "make-believe email" receive indication from committee and reflect deeply and state that it is sincere and takes. In addition, we keep tidy sense of distance, feeling of strain and state even if we do for relief, reliable relations according to citizen of the prefecture and, about the prefecture and the relationship between Kyushu Electric Power, will be thing that it makes light of citizen of the prefecture and The Prefectural Assembly not to have been going to recognize own responsibility in spite of indication of re-three from committee member and document indication of committee although we apologize for The Prefectural Assembly and citizen of the prefecture, and is regrettable at all for how to get distance having a problem in future.

  Then, following the fact that Kyushu Electric Power applied for compatibility examination of new control level about the Genkai Nuclear Power Plant third unit, the fourth unit, witness invited Kyushu Electric Power which was the person concerned, atomic energy regulation agency, the Agency for Natural Resource and Energy and atomic expert about summary and application contents of new control level, process until re-operation with it was committee and heard wide opinion from each position and piled up discussion. In addition, we ask about summaries of the correspondence situation and atomic energy disaster prevention plan as the prefecture to compatibility examination of new control level strictly, and there is at the same time for the prefectural executives when we carry out Surveys such as the field inspection of Kawauchi nuclear power plant where procedure of the field inspection of Genkai nuclear power plant and re-operation precedes, the correspondence situation of Kagoshima energetically.

  Through these committee deliberation, question and concern for Genkai Nuclear Power Plant where citizen of the prefecture is held in, the concrete approach situation for security become clear, and there is when we will deepen present problem and understanding.

  We offer to the Governer about the following point on examining re-operation of Genkai nuclear power plant as the general will of committee on the basis of the committee deliberation of about four years when we arrive.


1 the Governer notices enough heaviness of position own as the Governer of nuclear power generation location prefecture from importance of problem on carrying out atomic energy administration of this prefecture, and, based on process and lesson in the ex-governor times, never confuse prefectural government like "make-believe email problem", and responsibility that we considered so that we do not spoil trust of The Prefectural Assembly and citizen of the prefecture keep remark and action that there is in mind.

1 Committee change to relations with transparency and feeling of strain that stood in glance of citizen of the prefecture about factor of these a series of problems and the way with Kyushu Electric Power which we pointed out.

In examination such as the right or wrong of re-operation of 1 Genkai Nuclear Power Plant, you regard relief as security of citizen of the prefecture in the major premise and perform wide discussion with the person concerned, and, for citizen of the prefecture, perform reporting and polite explanation.

1 refuge project devise effectiveness-related planning that there is assuming securing of security, relief of citizen of the prefecture.

Support the person concerned so that all municipalities in one prefecture conclude safe agreement with Kyushu Electric Power.

Pressure to work on to participate about development of regional plan for disaster prevention including nuclear-power disaster measures and refuge project positively again so that we perform examination based on new control level by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission fairly and carry enough out accountability about the result, and country takes the responsibility for one country after checking safety of nuclear power plant after new control level conformity.

  Finally we must never forget accident of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station when we will discuss nuclear power plant from now on. We give top priority to safety of citizen of the prefecture so that there are any circumstances in future discussion that oldness that we got used to is chased and does not have such a matter accident that you must spend apart from endearing family again and it is sincere and confirms that what we perform is common recognition of we committee member some other time here in order to dissolve and does question and anxiety, concern with generalization of this committee.

Then, we decide.

March 4, 2015


Yasushige Miyazaki    Shigeyuki Rusu    Hiroshi Ishimaru     Hideo Ishii
Akemi Muto    Takehiko Ito    Masatoshi Inadomi    Kazunori Takeuchi    
Toyo Ito     Masayoshi Nakakura    Mitsuhiro Fukushima    Hidesato Ishikura
Mineto Momozaki    Toshiyuki Doi    Finger mountain Kiyonori    Zengyo, Koga
Yoshihiro Oba    Shuji Uchikawa    Nobuyuki Tasaki    Okaguchi compound sentence
Toshio Harada    Kiyotaka Tokumitsu    Shinichi Miyahara    Yuki Sakaguchi
Teruki Fujisaki    mukimonkeijin    Yukihisa Yonekura    Katsuyuki Yatani  
Yasuhiko Hara     Constant pine life    Tsunehiro Kawasaki    Yoshinori Eguchi    
Haramaki Ko Minoru    Yozo Koga

Chairperson at special committee Hiroshi Ishimaru such as Saga assembly atomic energy safety measures

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