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The Ayumi point earthenware vessel - Azuchimomoyama era of Saga

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The Ayumi pre-earthenware period - Azuchimomoyama era of Saga 

On earth how long was there current Saga where everybody lived in?
Here, Saga passes through what kind of history and will learn whether you became (genzai) now!

Pre-earthenware period

Ayumi of Saga


Japanese Ayumi


Pointed large stone implement (target for criticism) and knife-shaped stone implement are made in tea plantation original remains (chaembaruiseki) of Taku-shi
Life of the human begins in the Japanese Islands


Jomon period

Ayumi of Saga


Irregularity was made in lower remains of slope of the remains of Tomei Expressway (higashimyoiseki) and the Nishi-Arita town of Saga-shi

In the remains of Nabata of Karatsu-shi (nabatakeiseki), the U.S. making of begins


Japanese Ayumi


Earthenware vessel (get out) and bow and arrow (yumiya) were invented, and people came to live in dugout (tateanajukyo), and small irregularity was born


Yayoi period

Ayumi of Saga


In Yoshinogari, it is largest in Japan ※Moat colony (we learn fitting and take our ease) is made,

We played a key role of Saga plains
※[ring trench communities]
Village which surrounded rotation for fight in trench (digs)

Japanese Ayumi


U.S. zukurinogijutsuya iron, copper came from the Korean Peninsula (chosenhantou), and small country was born for each ground breath

239 years
Queen Himiko (Himiko) of queendom of Queen Himiko of the third century (yamataikoku) sent messenger to China


Burial Mound age

Ayumi of Saga


Large ancient tomb including Funatsuka ancient tomb (funatsukakofun) of Saga-shi and Kuri Sozui ancient tomb (kurisozuikofun) of Karatsu-shi was made

Japanese Ayumi


Unification of Japan advanced, and powerful family (gozoku) made large ancient tomb in each places of the whole country


The Asuka era

Ayumi of Saga



665 years

To protect Japan from Silla (shiragi), Onojo of Dazaifu (dazaifu)
With (onojo), ki*jo (kiijo) was prepared into Kiyama-cho
[Silla] One of the countries which were three in Korea



Japanese Ayumi
645 years
Taika Reformation (we believe worth of sea bream)


The Nara era

Ayumi of Saga


Kokufu (kokufu) was placed in Taiwa-cho, Saga-shi and played a key role of Hizen country
[Kokufu] Local government office where we were placed in for each country
[Hizen country] Current Saga, Nagasaki

Japanese Ayumi
710 years
Heijokyo (heijokyo) was made by Nara


The Heian era

Ayumi of Saga


945 years
Chinese noboeki ship arrives at port of Kanzaki (kouzaki) of Nagasaki
Japanese Ayumi
901 years
Michizane Sugawara (sugawaranomichizane) came over to Dazaifu (dazaifu)


The Kamakura era

Ayumi of Saga
Buddhist priest called Eisai is Ishigami Bo of Mt. Sefuri with seeds of tea which he took home from China
We put on (we forget Ishigami), and tea cultivation of Japan began
Photograph of tea plantation

Matsuura party (waiting back father) and Shiraishi fight against the Mongolia forces (moukogun) in Hakata Bay
[the Mongolia forces] The Mongolian military


Japanese Ayumi
We open the Shogunate (bakufu) in Kamakura (Kamakura), and Yoritomo Minamoto (the all cause rich more) becomes general (we carry).

1274 through 1281
The Mongolia forces (moukogun) attacked from China over twice


The Muromachi era

Ayumi of Saga
The Takanobu Ryuzoji forces (ryuzojitakanobugun) are mountains in now of Taiwa-cho, Saga-shi,
We beat large friendly forces
Japanese Ayumi
Onin War (chase not similar it does not appear) begins, and all over Japan is disturbed


Azuchi, Momoyama era

Ayumi of Saga
We made Nagoya-jo Castle (nagoyajo) in Karatsu-shi, and Hideyoshi Toyotomi (see Hideyoshi) sent troops in the Korean Peninsula (chosenhantou).
Photograph of the ruins of Nagoya-jo Castle
Japanese Ayumi
When when Hideyoshi Toyotomi asks the whole country do you do in?

 To Edo era - Meiji, the Taisho era

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