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Rule and manner of the Internet

To protectors We are performing class using computer now so that children get used to computer in elementary school. However, not only we become able to use computer, but also acquire basic rule and manner, and collection, judgment process necessary information, and what dispatch comes to be able to transmit is necessary.
Therefore we introduce main five items in rule and manners when we use computer instructing children in elementary school. Of guidance when children use computer at home would appreciate your referring to.

 << 1 >> We judge information definitely
It is treasure house of information, but on the other hand homepage lets children recognize that information that is not right is placed. "Comparing information" is "to check source of information" and conveys that it is important to judge information definitely to obtain really necessary information. In addition, not only we think by oneself, but also what we teach to people in circumference to hear, and to judge is important.

 << 2 >> We take responsibility for dispatch of information
Information sent to by homepage and E-mail lets children recognize that it spreads very fast and widely. When we write in, it reports that it is important we think about feeling of inviting misunderstanding and people reading and partner who received without feeling and thought reaching partner well, and to send information if words are insufficient.
In addition, we teach when you must never turn thing written, "we "urgently" stop" and "we pass to person of ○ person as soon as possible" called chain mail.

▼Chain mail example
・"It becomes unhappy chain letter = when we do not give to five people"
・"We are happy letter = of happiness when we give to five people"
・Request for blood donation
"Blood necessary for operation is insufficient. ○Contact ○○ hospital as soon as possible if you know person of ○ model. And please give this email to people as much as possible"
Story of operation was true, but the date and time of operation are not written exactly, and inquiries flood in forever in hospital even after operation is over and affect medical treatment. As there is such a thing, information and uncertain email of the source need attention.

 << 3 >> We follow copyright
We tell so that child quits that copyright following work of author subsists. Photograph which we took by oneself and picture which we drew are usable on homepage, but thing of another person tells thing, homepage that are not easily usable about there being free material and thing which it is said, and is usable freely.
In addition, photographs may need permission of person coming out, and let's tell about this including saying right of likeness. When we want to use by all means, we guide that you get permission (consent) and must clarify "quotation, the source".

▼Example which permission needs
・When we use photograph and picture of homepage
・When we use sentence and photograph, picture, music such as book, magazine, newspaper
・When we employ character of comics

 << 4 >> We follow privacy
The contents of email that reached thing, family and friend following privacy (personal information of full name, address, phone number, e-mail address) are important privacy and tell so that child cuts off that it is breach of privacy to read without permission.
In addition, there is homepage to get personal information including "prize corner" where "please answer questionnaire" and we tell and teach that we may have unpleasant thing to people released to including doubt telephone and junk email so that personal information of friend never writes in oneself and family.

 << 5 >> We keep manner when we spend bulletin board system and kyat in mind
We teach children that the unspecified number of people gather and use while being conscious of invisible partner existing. By spreading rumor without grounds, hurt honor of another person and do human rights violations, and it conveys that there is the risk that may take other human life away. Thus, polite way of talking is minimum manner, and we tell, and participation in note and chat to bulletin board teaches importance of thinking about feeling of partner including reading people well to perform when we are with family.
In addition, it promotes without determining, and being alone, and solving when contents to find in anxiety and question appear to talk with family and teacher.

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