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Figure of eight black kite ranking (last as of January 17) that we break, and butterfly does not do vertical in 2019

The last update date:

 Thank you for your participation toward the lot this year. Thanks to you, this item had participation of a total of 2,181 teams 109 participation through the year. As the last, there was much participation toward achievement of new record this time.

 Then we introduce this participation team. It was takyushiritsuhigashihara*shaseikeikozenhan, all Kanzaki City small groups in western Chiyoda, all Ogi City Sakuragaoka small groups, all Kashima municipal institution ability Komi small groups, all Imari municipal institution two village small groups, all Takeo municipal institution morning sun small groups, all Ureshino municipal institution Okusa field small groups, all Kanzaki municipal institution Chiyoda in eastern small groups, all Takeo municipal institution Wakagi small groups, all Tosu municipal institution young leave small groups, all Kawazoe small groups out of Saga municipal institution, all Ureshino municipal institution Kyuma small groups.

 In addition, middle Kawazoe small three groups broke through standard record. Congratulations. As you send testimonial, please look forward to.

 Thank you for your approach that continued.

 Then we announce result.

 ※There is testimonial if we break through standard record. 

                                           [standard record: 240 times or more] 

OrderSchool nameGroupsRecord (time)
1The middle Kawazoe small (achievement of standard record)Three groups284
2The Takeuchi small (achievement of standard record)6-B261
3The middle Kawazoe smallFive groups228
4The Takeuchi small2-B212
5The Takeuchi small5-B210
6The Takeuchi small4-B208
7The pine plum small3.4 groups207
8The small in eastern ChiyodaWhite 5204
9The Nyuno smallFour groups202
10The Kyuma smallThree groups191
11Two village smallChinaberry blue three groups189
12The Takeuchi small5-A185
13The Takeuchi small2-A182
13The Takeuchi small3-B182
15The middle Kawazoe smallTwo groups180
16The Noboru Nishikawa small5. Six groups175
16The Takeuchi small1-B175
18The Takeuchi small3-A174
19The Takeuchi small6-A171
20The pine plum small1.2 groups167
21The Noboru Azumakawa smallGood friend group eight groups164
22The Takeuchi small1-A163
23The middle Kawazoe smallOne group162
23The Kyuma smallFive groups162
25The Noboru Nishikawa small11. 12 groups161
26The ability Komi smallFive groups155
27The Noboru Nishikawa small9. Ten groups154
28The small in eastern ChiyodaWhite 4153
29The Nyuno smallTwo groups151
30The Takeuchi small4-A150
30The small in eastern ChiyodaRed 5150
30The Kyuma smallOne group150
33The Nyuno smallSix groups149
34The Noboru Nishikawa small1. Two groups148
35The Oura smallNine groups146
35The middle Kawazoe smallFour groups146
35The middle Kawazoe smallSix groups146
38The Oura smallOne group144
38The Takeo small14 groups144
40The Chiyoda central part smallWhite 10142
40The Noboru Azumakawa smallGood friend group three groups142
42The morning sun small27 groups140
43The Minato smallTwo groups138
44The large Kusano smallTwo groups137
45The hexagon smallOne group136
45The Kyuma smallFour groups136
47The Chiyoda central part smallWhite 5135
47Two village smallArbitrary yellow two groups135
49The Takeo smallSix groups133
49Two village smallChinaberry blue four groups133
51The young leave smallYellow eight groups132
52The Wakagi smallSeven groups128
52The Sakuragaoka small18 groups128
54Two village smallChinaberry red one group127
55The northern smallMouse team126
55The Wakagi smallFour groups126
57The Noboru Nishikawa small3. Four groups125
57The small in eastern ChiyodaRed 1125
57Two village smallChinaberry red three groups125
60The hexagon smallSeven groups124
60The Chiyoda central part smallRed 10124
60The ability Komi smallThree groups124
63The hexagon smallFour groups123
63The Nyuno smallFive groups123
63The ability Komi smallEight groups123
63The small in eastern ChiyodaRed 2123
63The Kyuma smallSix groups123
68The Noboru Azumakawa smallGood friend group seven groups122
68The Wakagi smallFive groups122
70The Chiyoda central part smallRed 2121
71The large Kusano smallOne group120
71The Sakuragaoka smallSix groups120
73The ability Komi smallFour groups119
74The large Kusano smallFive groups118
74The small in eastern ChiyodaWhite 2118
76The Takeo small13 groups117
77The Chiyoda central part smallRed 6116
77The Kyuma smallEight groups116
79The northern smallKoala team115
79The small in eastern ChiyodaWhite 3115
81The small in eastern ChiyodaRed 4114
82The Noboru Nishikawa small7. Eight groups113
82The Wakagi smallTwo groups113
84The Chiyoda central part smallWhite 8112
85The Sakuragaoka small23 groups111
86The Nyuno smallOne group110
86The large Kusano smallThree groups110
86Two village smallArbitrary yellow one group110
89The hexagon smallFive groups109
89The hexagon smallNine groups109
89The Sakuragaoka small17 groups109
92The Chiyoda central part smallWhite 9108
93The Chiyoda central part smallWhite 1107
93The Oura smallFour groups107
93The ability Komi smallTwo groups107
93The Wakagi smallOne group107
93Two village smallArbitrary yellow four groups107
93The young leave smallYellow 12 groups107
93The Sakuragaoka smallOne group107
100The Chiyoda central part smallWhite 2106
100The large Kusano smallSix groups106
100Two village smallChinaberry red two groups106
103The northern smallkaba team105
103The Chiyoda central part smallRed 3105
103The Chiyoda central part smallRed 9105
103The young leave smallYellow six groups105
107The hexagon smallEight groups104
107The Takeo smallThree groups104
107The ability Komi smallSix groups104
107The ability Komi smallSeven groups104
107The Sakuragaoka smallFour groups104
112The hexagon smallTen groups103
112The Chiyoda central part smallWhite 3103
112The Takeo smallSeven groups103
112Two village smallChinaberry blue one group103
116The Takeo smallFour groups102
117The Chiyoda central part smallRed 5101
117Two village smallChinaberry red four groups101
117The morning sun smallFive groups101
117Two village smallChinaberry red four groups101
117The Kyuma smallTwo groups101
122The hexagon smallSix groups100
122The south Hata smallFour groups100
122The small in eastern ChiyodaWhite 1100
122The Sakuragaoka small26 groups100
126The morning sun small17 groups99
126The Sakuragaoka small14 groups99
126The Kyuma smallSeven groups99
129The hexagon smallThree groups96
129The Oura smallSeven groups96
129The morning sun smallTen groups96
129The large Kusano smallFour groups96
133The small in eastern ChiyodaRed 395
133The Wakagi smallSix groups95
133The Sakuragaoka small11 groups95
133The Sakuragaoka small20 groups95
137The Tano smallFour groups94
137The Nyuno smallThree groups94
137The small in western ChiyodaRed two groups94
137The young leave smallRed 11 groups94
141The Takeo smallEight groups93
141The Sakuragaoka smallEight groups93
141The Wakagi smallThree groups93
144The northern smallCertain team92
144higashihara*shaseikeiko5. Six groups92
144The morning sun small15 groups92
147The small in western ChiyodaRed eight groups91
148The Oura smallThree groups90
148The young leave smallYellow ten groups90
150The young leave smallRed eight groups89
150higashihara*shaseikeiko11. 12 groups89
150The small in western ChiyodaBlue three groups89
150The Sakuragaoka smallFive groups89
154The Chiyoda central part smallWhite 788
154The Ashikari smallRed four groups88
154The small in western ChiyodaBlue one group88
157The Ashikari smallRed three groups87
157Two village smallChinaberry blue two groups87
157Two village smallChinaberry blue two groups87
157The young leave smallYellow three groups87
157The Sakuragaoka smallSeven groups87
162The young leave smallYellow five groups86
162Two village smallArbitrary yellow three groups86
164The northern smallNeed; or team85
164The Tano smallTwo groups85
164The young leave smallYellow four groups85
164The young leave smallYellow seven groups85
164The young leave smallYellow 11 groups85
169The morning sun small20 groups84
169The young leave smallRed 12 groups84
171The northern smallDog team83
171The Ashikari smallRed eight groups83
171The morning sun smallSix groups83
171The Wakagi smallEight groups83
175The northern smallElephant team82
175The northern smallBeaver team82
175The northern smallRaccoon dog team82
175The Chiyoda central part smallRed 782
175The morning sun small31 groups82
175The young leave smallRed one group82
175The Sakuragaoka small13 groups82
175The Sakuragaoka small27 groups82
183The hexagon smallTwo groups81
183The Oura smallTwo groups81
183The young leave smallRed two groups81
183The young leave smallRed nine groups81
183The young leave smallRed ten groups81
188The Chiyoda central part smallWhite 480
188Taku center schoolYellow five groups80
188The ability Komi smallOne group80
188The morning sun smallTwo groups80
188The young leave smallYellow two groups80
188The Sakuragaoka smallNine groups80
194The Sakuragaoka small21 groups79
195The young leave smallRed five groups78
195higashihara*shaseikeiko13. 14 groups78
197The northern smallCat team77
197The young leave smallYellow one group77
197The morning sun smallOne group77
200The northern smallRhinoceros team76
200The Tano smallOne group76
200The morning sun small30 groups76
203The Oura smallSix groups75
204The roar smallLion group74
204The Sakuragaoka small19 groups74
206The Chiyoda central part smallRed 873
206The Ashikari smallWhite six groups73
206The morning sun small22 groups73
206The young leave smallYellow nine groups73
210The Takeo smallTen groups72
210The Takeo small16 groups72
210The morning sun small18 groups72
213The Sakuragaoka small12 groups71
214The Chiyoda central part smallRed 470
214The Tano smallThree groups70
214The Takeo smallOne group70
214The Takeo small15 groups70
214The roar smallDog group70
214Taku center schoolYellow 12 groups70
214The small in western ChiyodaBlue four groups70
214The small in western ChiyodaBlue six groups70
214The morning sun small24 groups70
223The northern smallshika team69
223The Oura smallFive groups69
223The roar smallCertain group69
223The Sakuragaoka small16 groups69
227The Ashikari smallRed nine groups68
227The Takeo small12 groups68
227Taku center schoolBlue 11 groups68
227The small in western ChiyodaBlue seven groups68
231The Takeo smallNine groups67
231higashihara*shaseikeiko3. Four groups67
231The Sakuragaoka smallTen groups67
234The roar smallRabbit group65
234The roar smallDolphin group65
234The morning sun small19 groups65
234The Sakuragaoka smallTwo groups65
238The northern smallLion team64
238The Noboru Azumakawa smallGood friend group six groups64
238The roar smallGiraffe group64
238Taku center schoolYellow ten groups64
238The young leave smallRed four groups64
238The morning sun small26 groups64
244Taku center schoolYellow six groups63
244Taku center schoolYellow 11 groups63
244higashihara*shaseikeiko9. Ten groups63
244The small in western ChiyodaBlue five groups63
244The small in western ChiyodaBlue eight groups63
244The morning sun small12 groups63
244The morning sun small14 groups63
244The Sakuragaoka small28 groups63
252The Chiyoda central part smallWhite 662
252The Oura smallEight groups62
252The Ashikari smallRed two groups62
252The Takeo smallTwo groups62
252The Takeo smallFive groups62
252The small in western ChiyodaRed six groups62
252The small in western ChiyodaRed three groups62
252The young leave smallRed six groups62
252The Sakuragaoka smallThree groups62
261higashihara*shaseikeiko15. 16 groups61
262The Ashikari smallWhite four groups60
262The Takeo small11 groups60
262Taku center schoolYellow one group60
265The Noboru Azumakawa smallGood friend group four groups59
265The Ashikari smallRed six groups59
265Taku center schoolRed ten groups59
268Taku center schoolYellow three groups58
268The young leave smallRed one group58
270The Chiyoda central part smallRed 157
270Taku center schoolYellow seven groups57
272The Ashikari smallWhite one group56
272The morning sun smallFour groups56
272The small in western ChiyodaRed five groups56
272The morning sun small23 groups56
272The morning sun small28 groups56
277The young leave smallRed three groups55
277The small in western ChiyodaRed one group55
279The northern smallRabbit team54
279The Noboru Azumakawa smallGood friend group five groups54
279The roar smallElephant group54
282The northern smallBear team53
282Taku center schoolBlue seven groups53
282Taku center schoolBlue 12 groups53
282higashihara*shaseikeiko7. Eight groups53
282The morning sun small13 groups53
287The Ashikari smallWhite five groups52
287The morning sun small16 groups52
287The young leave smallRed seven groups52
290The morning sun small32 groups51
290The Sakuragaoka small25 groups51
292The roar smallPenguin group50
293The Noboru Azumakawa smallGood friend group one group49
293Taku center schoolRed 11 groups49
293The morning sun smallThree groups49
296The Ashikari smallRed ten groups48
296The small in western ChiyodaBlue two groups48
296The morning sun smallSeven groups48
296The Sakuragaoka small15 groups48
300The northern smallSquirrel team47
300The Ashikari smallRed five groups47
300Taku center schoolRed 12 groups47
300The morning sun small11 groups47
304The roar smallCat group46
304higashihara*shaseikeiko1. Two groups46
306Taku center schoolRed one group45
306Taku center schoolRed seven groups45
306Taku center schoolBlue three groups45
306The morning sun small21 groups45
310The Ashikari smallWhite two groups43
310Taku center schoolRed three groups43
310Taku center schoolBlue nine groups43
310The morning sun smallEight groups43
314Taku center schoolBlue four groups42
314The small in western ChiyodaRed seven groups42
314The Sakuragaoka small22 groups42
317Taku center schoolRed eight groups40
317higashihara*shaseikeiko17. 18 groups40
319The Ashikari smallWhite nine groups39
319Taku center schoolYellow two groups39
321The Ashikari smallWhite eight groups37
322The Ashikari smallRed one group36
322Taku center schoolRed five groups36
324Taku center schoolBlue two groups34
325Taku center schoolRed nine groups32
325Taku center schoolYellow nine groups32
327The small in western ChiyodaRed four groups31
327The morning sun small29 groups31
329Taku center schoolYellow four groups30
329The morning sun small25 groups30
331Taku center schoolYellow eight groups28
332Taku center schoolRed four groups27
332Taku center schoolBlue five groups27
334The Ashikari smallWhite seven groups26
334The Ashikari smallRed seven groups26
336The Ashikari smallWhite ten groups23
336Taku center schoolRed two groups23
336Taku center schoolRed six groups23
336Taku center schoolBlue six groups23
336Taku center schoolBlue ten groups23
341The Ashikari smallWhite three groups20
342Taku center schoolBlue one group18
343Taku center schoolBlue eight groups16
344The morning sun smallNine groups12

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