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Ranking (last as of January 17) that butterfly does not do to Olympian in 2019

The last update date:

Challenge sports

 Thank you for your participation toward the lot. Thanks to you, this item had participation of a total of 845 teams 109 participation through the year. As the last, there was much participation toward achievement of new record this time.

 Then we introduce this participation class. It was takyushiritsuhigashihara*shaseikeikozengakukyu, Karatsu City brook small Class 1 of the second grade, Class 1 of the third grade, the Kashima City ability Komi small whole school grade, Kanzaki municipal institution small whole school grade in eastern Chiyoda, the Tachihama, Kashima-shi small whole school grade, the Karatsu municipal institution Sashi small whole school grade, 1.2.3 set of Saga municipal institution Akamatsu small six years, Ureshino municipal institution Onohara small whole school grade, Karatsu municipal institution Nanatsuyama small Class 1 of the fourth grade, Ureshino municipal institution Kyuma small Class 1 of the second grade.

 In addition, brook small Class 1 of the second grade, Class 1 of the third grade, ability Komi small Class 1 of the fifth grade, small Class 1 of the third grade in eastern Chiyoda, Class 1 of the sixth grade exceeded standard record. Congratulations. As you send testimonial, please look forward to.

 Thank you for your approach that continued for one year.

 Then we announce result.

 ※There is testimonial if we break through standard record. 

Link to grade ranking: First grader Second grader Third grader Fourth grader Fifth grader Sixth grader

Do not play butterfly to Olympian (one year); [standard record: for 2 hours 30 minutes 00 seconds under]  

OrderSchool nameClassTimeShareSecond
1Taku center school (achievement of standard record)122314
2The Ariake south small (achievement of standard record)122917
3The beach small12352
4The Nyuno small123525
5The Onohara small12385
6The Wakagi small123813
7The Chiyoda central part small12395
8The Nanatsuyama small123954
9The Oura small124016
10The hexagon small124046
11The Takeuchi small124055
12The Mine west small12414
13The Kyuma small224126
14Genkai mirai school124144
15The Mitagawa small224228
16The large Kusano small124232
17The Kasuga small224252
18The young leave small224316
19Genkai mirai school224317
20The pine plum small124345
21Three village small124346
22The Higashiyoga small12441
23The Mitagawa small12447
24The Ariake east small124417
25The Sashi small124425
26The Fukutomi small124433
26The Tano small124433
28The launching small124445
29The Nakahara small22456
30The Kasuga small124522
31The ability Komi small124527
32The Otsubo small324531
33Taku center school324539
34The Takeo small124542
35The Onizuka small224544
37The Otsubo small12461
38The Nakahara small12467
39The Sashi small224621
40The Kasuga small324651
41The Kohoku small124710
42The Otsubo small224715
43The young leave small124722
44The Meirin small224755
46The Onizuka small12485
47The Izumi Kubo small12488
48The Chiyoda central part small224813
49The Tachibana small124819
50Two village small124841
51The Sakuragaoka smallSnow24857
52The Sefuri small124858
53The Sakuragaoka smallMON2492
54The Mitagawa small324925
55The young basis small124933
56The Kohoku small224945
57The Tashiro small225030
58The Tashiro small225033
59The Higashiyoga small225037
60The Gochoda small125110
61The Takeo small225112
62Taku center school225118
63The north Hata small125124
64The Minato small125135
65The Nishikaratsu small225159
66The Nishikaratsu small125253
67The Kohoku small325257
68The middle Kawazoe small125315
69The Meirin small325436
70The small in eastern Chiyoda125439
71The Yoshida small125647
72The Meirin small12 5922
73The Tara small13135
74The Ashikari small13143
74The plain small13143
76The Kyuma small13630
77The north Hata small23656
78The Arida small131249
79The Ashikari small233315



Do not play butterfly to Olympian (two years); [standard record: for 2 hours 23 minutes 07 seconds under] ※Women's Olympic record 

OrderSchool nameClassTimeShareSecond
1The brook small (achievement of standard record)121212
2The Meirin small (achievement of standard record)221250
3The Mitagawa small (achievement of standard record)321648
4The Nanatsuyama small (achievement of standard record)121734
5The Takeuchi small (achievement of standard record)122045
6The Oura small (achievement of standard record)122135
7The Kyuma small (achievement of standard record)122156
8The pine plum small12249
9Taku center school322512
10The Sefuri small122548
11The small in eastern Chiyoda122556
13The Mitagawa small122614
14The Nyuno small122637
15Two village small122716
16The beach small122729
17Genkai mirai school122733
18The ability Komi small122816
19The Izumi Kubo small122826
20The Mine west small122832
21The middle Kawazoe small122837
22The Ariake east small122849
23The plain small122854
24The Ariake south small12291
25The Higashiyoga small122945
26The Otsubo small322953
27The Onohara small12302
28The Sakuragaoka smallSnow23026
28The Higashiyoga small323026
30The Chiyoda central part small123029
30The Kasuga small123029
32The Sakuragaoka smallMON23036
33The Ashikari small123037
34The Kohoku small123052
35Two village small223055
36The young leave small123058
37The Wakagi small123121
38Taku center school223139
39The Mitagawa small223148
40The Takeo small22320
40The Tachibana small12320
42The Kyuma small123213
42The Meirin small123213
44The large Kusano small123216
45The Tashiro small223230
46The Fukutomi small223233
47The Gochoda small12334
48The Onizuka small123312
49The Kohoku small223320
50The Tara small223327
51The young leave small223332
52The Otsubo small223352
53The Takino small1.2 years2340
54The Tashiro small123431
55The Onizuka small223432
56The Fukutomi small123442
57Genkai mirai school223514
58The Higashiyoga small223547
59The Kasuga small223551
60The Otsubo small123554
61The launching small123557
62Taku center school12364
63The young basis small12368
64The Honjo small123644
65The Arida small123718
66The Yoshida small123733
67The Takeo small123753
68The Nakahara small123815
69Three village small123837
70The Nakahara small223848
71The Sashi small223921
72The Tara small124111
73The Sashi small124137
74The Tano small124151
75The north Hata small124225
77The Nishikaratsu small224418
78The hexagon small124446
79The Nishikaratsu small124648
80The Minato small124727
81The Kohoku small32528



Do not play butterfly to Olympian (three years); [standard record: for 2 hours 15 minutes 00 seconds under]  

OrderSchool nameClassTimeShareSecond
1The Sefuri small (achievement of standard record)12522
2The Onohara small (achievement of standard record)1263
3The middle Kawazoe small (achievement of standard record)121031
4Taku center school (achievement of standard record)221349
5The brook small (achievement of standard record)121427
6The small (achievement of standard record) in eastern Chiyoda121447
7The beach small121522
8The Chiyoda central part small121615
9The plain small121636
10The Shiota small12177
11The hexagon small121715
12The Mitagawa small321816
13Genkai mirai school22204
14The Nyuno small122023
15The Minato small122031
16The Kohoku small222033
17The Fukutomi small122041
18The Nanatsuyama small122046
19The Ariake south small122050
20The Nakahara small122053
21The Wakagi small122121
22The Kasuga small122122
23The Izumi Kubo small122130
24The young leave small12223
25The north Hata small122216
25The Mitagawa small122216
27The Takeuchi small122226
28The young leave small222233
29The Kohoku small122237
30The Takeo small122251
31The large Kusano small12231
32The Mitagawa small22233
34The Tachibana small122313
35The Kasuga small222321
36The Meirin small122330
37The Otsubo small222343
38Genkai mirai school122358
39The Sakuragaoka smallSnow2242
40The north Hata small222417
41The young basis small222439
42The Tashiro small22253
43The Nakahara small222511
44The Mine west small122516
45The young basis small122534
46The Nishikaratsu small222542
47The Kasuga small322610
48The Tashiro small122622
49The Ariake east small122631
50The Higashiyoga small122644
51The Otsubo small122650
52The Sakuragaoka smallMON22710
53The Oura small122716
54Three village small122719
55The ability Komi small122721
56The Onizuka small222731
56The Meirin small222731
58Taku center school322734
59The Otsubo small322738
60The Sashi small122744
61Taku center school122747
62The Tara small122758
62The Meirin small322758
64The launching small12289
65The Yoshida small122816
66The Higashiyoga small22296
67The pine plum small122958
68The Arida small123011
69The Onizuka small123020
70The Gochoda small123022
71The Gochoda small223048
72The Nishikaratsu small123112
73The Kohoku small323151
74The Ashikari small123328
76The Tano small123426
77The Sashi small223455
78Two village small12358
79The Takeo small223724
80The Kyuma small123933



Do not play butterfly to Olympian (four years); [standard record: for two hours ten minutes 00 seconds under]  

OrderSchool nameClassTimeShareSecond
1The Takeuchi small (achievement of standard record)12214
2The Nanatsuyama small (achievement of standard record)12357
3The Chiyoda central part small (achievement of standard record)22949
4The Onohara small12101
5The Kyuma small121129
5The Mitagawa small321140
7The Sashi small121140
8The plain small12120
9The Nyuno small12123
11The Kasuga small321234
12Genkai mirai school121236
13The Yoshida small121317
14The Nishikaratsu small121337
15The small in eastern Chiyoda12141
16The Mitagawa small221411
17The Minato small121422
17The Otsubo small121422
19The young leave small121449
20The Higashiyoga small221450
21Taku center school221458
22The beach small12157
23Taku center school32159
24The Kasuga small221510
25The pine plum small121520
26The Mitagawa small121525
27The Kohoku small221533
28The middle Kawazoe small121535
29The young basis small121537
30The Higashiyoga small321546
31The Ariake east small121547
32The Higashiyoga small121548
33The Sakuragaoka smallSnow21618
34Genkai mirai school221635
35The Ashikari small121637
36The Takeo small221717
37The Takeo small121725
38The Chiyoda central part small121731
39The brook small121750
40The Izumi Kubo small121753
41The Sashi small221754
42The Wakagi small12186
43The Fukutomi small221818
43The Sefuri small121818
45The Oura small121840
46Two village small121846
47The Nakahara small221851
48The Otsubo small221857
49The Meirin small12198
50The north Hata small121910
51The Tachibana small121938
52The ability Komi small121949
53The Onizuka small122022
54The Tara small122047
55The young leave small222116
56The launching small122126
57The hexagon small122132
58The Arida small122145
59Taku center school122148
60The Ariake south small122151
61The Mine west small122152
62The Kohoku small122215
63The Tara small222220
65The Meirin small222238
66The Onizuka small222250
67The Kasuga small122350
68The Sakuragaoka smallMON22355
69Three village small12249
70The Nishikaratsu small222436
71The Gochoda small122440
72The Nakahara small122537
73The Tashiro small222616
74The large Kusano small122623
75The Otsubo small322628
76The Fukutomi small122725
77The Tano small122818
78The Kohoku small322829
79The Tashiro small123139
80The Takino small3.4 years23154
81Two village small22344



Do not play butterfly to Olympian (five years); [standard record: for two hours 06 minutes 32 seconds under] ※Men's Olympic record  

OrderSchool nameClassTimeShareSecond
1The Onohara small (achievement of standard record)11551
2The plain small (achievement of standard record)115933
3The Nanatsuyama small (achievement of standard record)1224
4The Mitagawa small (achievement of standard record)1226
5The Kyuma small (achievement of standard record)12348
6The brook small (achievement of standard record)12510
7The ability Komi small (achievement of standard record)12533
8The Wakagi small (achievement of standard record)12557
9The Mitagawa small (achievement of standard record)4260
10The pine plum small (achievement of standard record)1263
11The Sakuragaoka small (achievement of standard record)Snow267
12The Tara small (achievement of standard record)12610
13The fine weather field small22714
14The fine weather field small12717
15The Higashiyoga small22739
16The Mitagawa small32741
17The Oura small12744
18The launching small12746
19The Sakuragaoka smallMON2814
20The Tashiro small22834
21The Mitagawa small22841
22The Takeo small12851
23The young leave small22859
24The Fukutomi small1292
25The Takeuchi small12911
26The small in eastern Chiyoda12912
27Genkai mirai school12923
28The hexagon small12937
29The middle Kawazoe small12102
30The Chiyoda central part small121023
31The Higashiyoga small121029
32The Nakahara small221031
33The Arida small12116
34The Kasuga small22117
35The Meirin small221112
36The Kasuga small121118
37The large Kusano small121121
38The Otsubo small221122
39The Yoshida small121132
40The Fukutomi small221133
41The young basis small221136
42The Ashikari small221137
43The Sefuri small121141
44The Otsubo small121144
46The Sashi small121151
47The Nakahara small121152
48Taku center school221158
49The Kuri small22120
50The Izumi Kubo small121221
51The Otsubo small321239
52Taku center school321253
53The Kohoku small321256
53The Ariake east small12131
55The Mine west small22131
56The young leave small121321
57Two village small121337
58The Kohoku small121342
59The Onizuka small221344
60Genkai mirai school221358
61The Kasuga small32146
62The beach small121411
63The temple office small121412
64The Kuri small121421
65The Kohoku small221431
66The Onizuka small121446
67The Sashi small22154
68The Tara small221518
69The Imari small321521
70The Ashikari small121541
71Three village small121543
72The young basis small121549
73The Takeo small221552
74The Nyuno small121625
75The north Hata small121629
75The Ariake south small121629
77The Minato small12170
78The Nishikaratsu small121712
79The north Hata small221717
80The Tachibana small121750
81Two village small221757
82The Gochoda small12182
83The Tano small12188
84Taku center school121839
85The Meirin small121846
86The Mine west small12190
87The Tashiro small121911
88The Nishikaratsu small221937



Do not play butterfly to Olympian (six years); [standard record: for two hours 00 minutes 00 seconds under]    

OrderSchool nameClassTimeShareSecond
1The Nanatsuyama small (achievement of standard record)115735
2The Mitagawa small (achievement of standard record)215751
3Taku center school (achievement of standard record)215841
4The Akamatsu small (achievement of standard record)115921
5The plain small (achievement of standard record)115942
6The small (achievement of standard record) in eastern Chiyoda115947
7The Sefuri small1203
8The Gochoda small1215
9The young leave small22128
10The Higashiyoga small22135
11The pine plum small12139
12Genkai mirai school22228
13The ability Komi small12243
14The Nyuno small12250
15Taku center school32251
16The Onohara small1234
17The Wakagi small12325
18The Fukutomi small12337
19The Higashiyoga small32346
20The Yoshida small12354
21The hexagon small12358
22The Ariake east small12359
23The Izumi Kubo small1249
24The Oura small12427
25The Mitagawa small32429
26Two village small12438
27The Kashima small22444
28The Kohoku small12457
29The Higashiyoga small1257
30The Sakuragaoka smallSnow258
31The Sakuragaoka smallMON2526
32Taku center school12527
33The north Hata small12529
34The Nakahara small22531
34The Kohoku small32531
36The Chiyoda central part small12534
37Genkai mirai school12559
38The Sashi small22613
39The Nakahara small12620
40The Onizuka small12629
41The young leave small12645
42The Mitagawa small12658
43The Kasuga small1270
44The Chiyoda central part small2275
45The Otsubo small22738
47The large Kusano small12754
48The Onizuka small2282
49The Nishikaratsu small2287
50The Takeo small22810
51The Nishikaratsu small12813
52The Mine west small12815
53The Tara small12825
54The Ariake south small12828
55The Kasuga small32830
56The Tashiro small22840
57The Sashi small12841
58The Akamatsu small32844
59The young basis small12846
60The Otsubo small32847
61The Tachibana small12848
62The Ashikari small12854
63The Arida small12859
64The middle Kawazoe small1297
65The Kyuma small12916
66The Otsubo small12917
67The Takeuchi small12923
68The beach small121013
69The launching small121028
70The Minato small121041
71The Meirin small121057
72The Takeo small12117
73Three village small121111
75The north Hata small221147
76The Kashima small121215
76The Kohoku small221215
78The Tano small121235
79The Tashiro small121248
80Two village small221312
81The Akamatsu small221421
82The Meirin small22156
83The Kasuga small22166
84The Takino small5.6 years21956



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