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Invitation company permanence support committee member

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Invitation company permanence support committee member
System only in Saga taking good care of people is "member of invitation company permanence support" (the permanent staff).

The staff who had you appoint from company continues window after the transfer so that company advanced to operates in peace and permanently follows up invitation company.
Smooth correspondence that and there is sense of speed that stood in position of invitation company where there is simply because it is the staff who knew process at the time of advance best is evaluated by many companies and uses since the system foundation in April, 2004 in many invitation companies.




Member of invitation company permanence support (the permanent staff)

As the person in charge does not change after the personnel transfers, consistent correspondence on the basis of process after advance is possible.


Concrete business content

  1. We visit the head office of invitation company and the prefecture office and provide the latest information of the prefecture and visit problem, request that invitation company holds.
  2. We ask as counter in charge of the prefecture anytime and ask about requests and connect to invitation of enterprises person in charge and adjust support so that answer copes immediately.
  3. We attend place of exchange of opinions, negotiations with department in the prefectural office in procedure, adjustment after advance concerned in position of invitation company depending on request.
  4. The person concerned of the head office of invitation company and the prefecture firm helps attendance and the prefecture inspection when the prefectural office is visited depending on request.


Beginning of acquaintance that is true after the advance

Photograph: President Kenichiro Tomono

EWM factory President Kenichiro Tomono

Photograph: The Kazunori Washizaki permanent staff

The Kazunori Washizaki permanent staff


EWM factory where was advanced to in Saga-shi in October, 2006.


It was Kazunori Washizaki who advised President Tomono about advance to Saga as member of invitation of enterprises fixed-job worker in Tokyo in those days that President Kenichiro Tomono nominated for the permanent staff (the following PS). In now when ten years passed, the relations do not change either and seem to be talked at the very beginning if there is anything.


Opportunity of advance is a word of the permanent staff


Originally we were doing work of IT in Tokyo. Offshore (note 1) that we developed abroad was prosperous, and there was not thought itself called near shore (note 2) too much, but, more than ten years ago, it thought that there might be significance in the IT industry to challenge that we tied Tokyo with local young man than personnel training in foreign countries in Japan and brought up skill and thought that we mended base in domestic district. It will be Washizaki who was metropolitan area Sales Division person in charge of Saga prefectural government office then that met.


  • Offshore: You consign development duties of system and software to cheap overseas company of personnel expenses and overseas subsidiary, and order
  • Near shore: You utilize local resource, and carry out system development or operational maintenance



Yes. As there was just space office in eye Forest building of Saga-shi for IT companies, to President Tomono in if "think of base by all means Saga!" We recommended this.



In fact, we knew that program that was applicable to our company then was prepared for in Saga for the first time. Probably invitations such as factories are imaged, and it is more a lot when we usually hear with invitation of enterprises.
He/she does not know and thinks even whether types of industry such as IT companies become a target of invitation of enterprises that there is many. When we prepare base into district from zero, we are thankful at all for being able to get public support as there are various problems how you gather human resources in search of the most suitable office. From Washizaki, we decided advance to Saga to hear story of suggestion and support of concrete office immediately.


Thought to the permanent staff


When it is end of the fiscal year by acquaintance with public institution, the person in charge often changes completely, but it is important to be able to do much together even if and assignment knowing what you aim at in process of past advance and what kind of company change. It is the permanent staff that can talk anytime if there is anything.



We say thought to Saga or as there is common thought, we leave job and, with President Tomono, keep company much more. If that is good for Saga, we are glad that we think that we want to work together again if there are any chances.


To all of the companies where advance to Saga is thought about


Generally, invitation of enterprises thinks that it is often said that we just move part of duties to district for cost cut.
However, we moved duties to become main to Saga from Tokyo, and Tokyo shifted to role only for customer service. In now when the world is not soaring, you repeat trials and must make new business. As it is limited that there is only in oneself when we produce new things, cooperation with various players becomes important.
As cooperation across the wall of company and the industry or cooperation with bureaucrats and study advances to Saga smoothly at all, we think that it is most suitable as place of trial to bring about new thing. Including cost-like hurdle, we can do thing that it is quite interesting when it is Saga that there is not readily in Tokyo. Idea that we did not hit on may be born in concrete of Tokyo.
Renovation did old folk house which was important cultural property of city by idea and power of all, and here (person of konekuri) was born, too. It is beginning now if unique approach is various in Saga. As I was so, person worried about Saga feels free to contact, and would you like to be asked about story?
There is surely encounter with the reliable permanent staff!

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