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Research facility

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Research facility of Saga

Saga Prefectural Kyushu Synchrotron Light Research Center

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Creation of new industry and local industrial advancement

In Kyushu Synchrotron Light Research Center, we perform analysis of atom, molecules level of materials, micro-fabrication of parts, mutation breeding of farm products using synchrotron light and are intended that we make use of those result in advancement of creation and area industry industrial newly.
〒841-0005 8-7, Yayoigaoka, Tosu-shi TEL: 0942-83-5017 URL


National research and development corporation National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Kyushu center

Research center 2 Research center 2
Technique to society

It is one of 9 bases that product research institute which is public research organization largest in the country deploys to the whole country. It comprises "production technology research section" and "photovoltaic power generation research center" taking research and development and installs industry, academia and government cooperation promotion room as cooperation function in Kyushu of product research institute again and works on technique consultation, joint development by cooperation with area company from the tip study widely.
〒841-0052 807-1, Shukumachi, Tosu-shi TEL: 0942-81-3600 (main) URL


Saga University ocean energy research center

The sea energy image 1 The sea energy image 2
Promotion of scientific study about ocean energy

Ocean energy research center is the study education and international guidance-like core study on ocean energy base of technology. We establish study base by being general and interdisciplinary, and performing study education and are intended that we contribute to solution of energy, environmental problem on the earth scale by promoting the use.
〒849-4256 Yamashirochokubara, Imari-shi character Hirao 1-48 TEL: 0955-20-2190 URL


Saga Ceramics Technology Research Center

Ceramics Technology Research Center image 1 Ceramics Technology Research Center 2
Technical base of tradition and creation open to area

Ceramics Technology Research Center works on research and development, technological assistance, industrialization support, personnel training for development and promotion of the prefecture ceramics world and aims at open local tradition and support base of creation. As main duties, we perform research and development of new technology for the prefecture ceramics world, technological assistance in new product development, plan of product, industrialization support to reach sale from production, general support including conduct of the training for personnel training that area ceramics world demands.
〒844-0022 Hei-3037-7, Kuromuta, Arita-cho, Nishimatsuura-gun TEL: 0955-43-2185 URL

Saga Industrial Technology Research Center

Technique center 1 Technical center
We support production activity of company

In food, cosmetics, materials, environment, chemistry, machine, electron, the field of design, we promote research and development corresponding to technical needs to make diversification, altitude and perform business such as technique consultation, instruction, request examinations such as analysis, the measurement, analysis, facilities apparatus opening, upbringing of technique human resources and perform technological assistance general as partner of technique activity of the prefecture company.
〒849-0932 114, Nabeshimamachiyaemizo, Saga-shi TEL: 0952-30-8161 URL

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