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Guidance of home delivery of cooked foods lecture of living

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 We perform lecturer dispatch business to have citizens of the prefecture understand the basics of issue of consumers. In the case of events such as workshops of local study session and group, please use.

Lecture theme (example)
  1. "How to use premeditated pocket money" 
  2. "Cell-phone and PC, right how to get along Internet"  
  3. About "malicious business method aiming at young people" 
  4. About "malicious business method aiming at elderly person" 
  5. "Trick of malicious business method and the actions to be taken"
 ※In the case of application, please consult about theme.
The number of the student attending a lectures As a general rule, more than ten people
  • Meeting saga member of NPO corporation Advisory Specialist for Consumer Affairs
  • Saga finance public information Committee finance public information adviser
Dispatch place It is limited in Saga
Reward, transportation expenses, material charges Unnecessary (the prefecture bears)
Application method

Apply for lecture application to Safe & Secure Lifestyle Division by FAX or mail, email.


[the deadline]

Until one month before the lecture date

[lecture application]    
Others Please inquire for details, any unclear points over telephone feeling free to contact.



Lecture eligible people and theme

 In primary and secondary student learning the basics of education for consumersWe explain how to use and right how to get along Internet of premeditated money, point when we purchase products, importance of contract with various examples clearly. We can learn with protector in the visit in not only everyday class but also class.
 To young people such as high school student and university student, new employeeWe give information about Consumer issues which appropriate how to use, young man of basic knowledge and credit cards such as contract or cooling off of products and service are easy to fall into. Targeting at the class of young people, we explain basic knowledge to want you to have as consumers in detail. 
 For Consumer issues before the fact prevention of elderly person Elderly person gives information about methods to protect the body from malicious business method while introducing consumers damage that there was actually consultation in our center. 
 In learning society of improvement in consumer life In learning society of municipalities and various groups, we provide the necessary latest information for improvement in consumer life. 


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