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Crime victim support

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Cooperation with the police 

  Support to face each other toward crime victim and the family or the bereaved works in Saga in cooperation with the police and related organizations, group.      



Support for crime victims of country

  Our crime equal no victim and family, most of bereaved (called "crime victims" as follows.) are not rarely tormented by still secondary damage without being forced to stand alone in the society without not only being hard to say that the right has been respected until now, but also being able to receive enough support, and, moreover, remaining in direct damage by crimes.
 We break the situation that crime victims face, and "fundamental laws such as crime victims" are established to keep protection of the right profit, and "basic plan such as crime victims" is further devised based on request from crime victims and person engaged in the support.
    Basic Law on Crime Victims
    Basic plan such as the third crime victims 

Support for crime victims week (from November 25 December 1)

 In "the basic plan such as crime victims" approved in a Cabinet meeting in 2005, (from November 25 to December 1) for one week of before December 1 that is establishment day of "fundamental laws such as crime victims" is set of "crime victim week" every year.
 Intensive mark during period is intended that we deepen understanding of the nation about importance of consideration to honor such as the situation or crime victim whom crime victims are placed in through conduct such as enlightenment business or tranquility of life for "crime victim week".

Introduction of support for crime victims of Saga 

One stop support center

 The second crime victims of country received requests (it is legal in one place, and medical (mind and body both sides) is psychological and wants you to maintain to receive social support, and to recover without victim of sex violence suffering second damage) such as crime victims in the basic plan, and measure to promote setting of one stop support center was included.
 In Saga, general counter for exclusive use of sex violence victim establishes "seiboryokusukuisumi center, Saga" (Saga mirai) in Saga medical center enthusiast life hall in cooperation with related organizations such as cooperation medical institution and lawyer, clinical psychologist and performs general support for sex violence victims.

Early support groups such as crime victims

 Member of Saga public peace society reduces crime victims based on "law about support such as crime victims by payment of stipend such as crime victims" early, and crime victims appoint "non profit organization victim support network Saga VOISS" in business to support so that crime victims can run life peaceful again early as support group in appropriate nonprofit undertaking corporation admitted that and we can perform surely.

Crime victim telephone consultation (0952-24-2191)

  In the prefecture, we install crime victim consultation telephone and guide window depending on consultation content.
    Crime victim consultation telephone 0952-24-2191


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