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... "sagasutairu" aims

 "Style of easy town which is appreciated everywhere in all"

 People in shop without step that restroom is extensive call out,

 When we went to wait, we may notice such gentleness. Form of the gentleness is "sagasutairu".

 Website that sent "sagasutairu" widely started to have many people use shop of such "sagasutairu" more.



Contents of "sagasutairu" website

■Shop of "sagasutairu" which the person had is found immediately.

We place restaurant and shopping mall in the prefecture, sightseeing, recreation facility, shop information of "sagasutairu" of wide genre including hotel, inn. We can search facilities and support that everybody is looking for according to genres.

■With plain commentary by sagasutairu reporter.

Commentary of reporter of citizen of the prefecture representative who still visits shop positively is belonging to "sagasutairu". Reporter own is impaired person and child care average and introduces point that facilities and support of shop are glad in glance same as the person concerned.

■As for the support of shop "sagasutairu"

One or that where not only barrier-free facilities are set, but also the working staff contacts with with consideration how long is form of gentleness. We introduce shop making atmospheres that it is easy to use positively.

■As other people serve as a reference, let's post the best recommended point.

There is review function that we can post impression that we experienced in shop of "sagasutairu" on in site. If it is person who registered, anyone is available. As we are useful for person used next, contribution, please by all means.


Under recruitment of "sagasutairu club" members!


It recruits the prefecture proprietor ("sagasutairu club" member) who can cooperate with approach of "town development easy for people".

Sticker of mark
 As "sagasutairu" still introduces shop in the prefecture that makes an effort it comprises facilities and support that considered the elderly and impaired person, child care average, pregnant or to comprise on this site as shop, please join by all means.

 We can apply for the enrollment application from application form in the following website. 


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