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Saga universal design promotion guideline 2015

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 In Saga, anyone promotes approach of universal design (UD) by Kenmin Kyodo toward social realization that can live in peace regardless of age, sex, nationality, having obstacle or not.

 Therefore "Saga universal design promotion guideline" formulated "Saga universal design execution plan" each in January, 2007 in March, 2006 and pushed forward approach.

 We decided to review promotion guideline and execution plan that nine years passed from development of promotion guideline and promoted approach of universal design in correspondence to problem in past approach and culture, sports, sightseeing, the new field such as international more and devised newly this "Saga universal design promotion guideline 2015" that integrated two according to the attachment.

 We will promote approach of universal design as catch phrase in "realization - HITO project ... of universal design society to yearn for people, and to live for together" for every prefecture in future.


Period of 1 promotion guideline

 From 2015 to 2018 (four years)


Figures which aim at 2 

 We place universal design as one of the basic ways of thinking of prefectural government promotion and describe figure which Saga ten years later aims at as follows and carry out approach for the realization.


[figure to aim at] 

 Each citizen of the prefecture understands a variety of people and acts with considerate wide heart, and anyone shows ability to be able to have, and the formation of universal design society which we can live for in peace lively advances.


[catch phrase]

 Realization - HITO project ... of universal design society to yearn for people, and to live for together


 ※We took capital letter of "Open-minded" (wide mind), and "we understood a variety of people, and, with "HITO", "Thoughtful" (with omoi spear) expressed person of considerate wide mind" "Intelligent" (with understanding) "Human" (human being). "HITO project" is generic name of approach that person (HITO) with such a heart acts toward realization of "universal design society".


Viewpoint and approach system for realization of figure aiming at 3 

 We organize various approaches to realize figure to aim at in "13 items" based on "three viewpoints" and carry out.


 [universal design which viewpoint 1 pushes forward in all] 

  Improvement of item (1) universal design education

  Upbringing of item (2) human resources

  Promotion of the item (3) spread enlightenment


  [all are rich viewpoint 2 live] 

  Promotion of item (4) culture, sports activity

  It is promotion of becoming universal design of sightseeing in item (5)

  Environment creation for social participation such as item (6) work or play

  Promotion of item (7) globalization

  Improvement of item (8) reporting

  The development, spread of item (9) universal design products promotion


 [society which is security/safety for all viewpoint 3]

  Improvement of item (10) disaster prevention system

  Improvement of item (11) building

  Improvement of item (12) road, means of transportation

  It is promotion of making that universal design which is item (13) and others town



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