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Method of cooling off

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With "cooling off" system

 Cooling off system is system that we can cancel unconditionally if there is during period when it was set by law by the following business contents even if we contract once.

But there is thing which cooling off including car and expendable supplies which we have used is not applied to.

 There is case which can cancel contract in Consumer Contract Law when consumers mistake and contract with by it being past cooling off period, and having told thing that is different from fact about important matter even if it is contract excluding.

For more details, please consult with consumer service center.



Business and period when cooling off is possible

Business contents

Main products, service (business example)


Door-to-door salesNewspaper, reform construction, futon, the learning teaching materials

Eight days

Telephone invitation saleHealth food, cosmetics, crab
Specific continuous labor offer

Beauty treatment salon, language study classroom, cram school, tutor, PC classroom,

Marriage partner introduction service, beauty medical care

The visit purchase (purchase)Noble metals
Pyramid selling (multilevel distributionship)Health food, cosmetics, water purifier

20 days

We give duties and induce and sellFraudulent business practices trying to sell training and supplies, the monitor commercial law


※Mail order is out of cooling off object, but the postage is consumers burden, and return of goods is possible if it is less than eight days after the arrival of products when there is not indication of return of goods special contract.



Method of cooling off

  • We give written notice by all means.
  • We perform by postcard (specific record mail) and contents-certified mail, left document of evidence including simple registered mail.
  • We specify the effect "canceling contract" and demand refund of money of existing payment, taking over of products.
  • When we do credit contract, we give sale on credit company written notice of the effect "canceling contract".
  • In the case of postcard, we make copy of the front and back and keep.

The postcard items mentioned of cooling-off

 If there is day when we sent notice of cooling off during cooling off period as cooling off is the principle of dispatch, it is effective even if day when it arrived at the other party passes period. When we notify, we hold out by specific record mail We open with the other window(external link) and contents-certified mail We open with the other window(external link), simple registered mail We open with the other window(external link) at postal window so that dispatch day becomes clear.

As act and deed does not remain even if we decline on the telephone, let's perform in writing by all means.


Even if is time (window handling overtime) when post office does not open, of the collection and delivery station, at window, giving in of mail such as delivery record mail is possible leisurely.

Of neighborhood, about window establishment time, please confirm with Japan Post homepage (leisurely window) We open with the other window(external link) leisurely.

 Please consult with prefectural consumer service center if we may not understand the forms.



Saga consumer service center

From 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., we establish on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays (excluded for New Year holidays)

Telephone 0952-24-0999 FAX 0952-24-9567

Consultation by email, please use consultation form.


National coserial numbers consumers hot line (it leads to consultation counter of neighborhood)

Telephone (there is no exchange number) "188"



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