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2001 results of research information

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Saga results of research information

It is results of research information made with each Experiments and reserach engine after 2000.


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※There is not attachment such as PDF and, about before 2012, publishes only results of research information name.

 Please refer to each examination room for detailed contents.


2001 results of research information


Results of research information name

Examination room name


1 Effect to fruit sugar content by carbon dioxide application of forcing strawberry Uwaba Agricultural Center Strawberry
2 Division of spring weed in dry field farming onion-proof Uwaba Agricultural Center Onion
3 Petit veil stock dies; prevention of agriculture by solar heat soil sterilization of sho (the Phoma genus bacteria) Uwaba Agricultural Center Cabbage
4 Adaptability in listed area of kansho new article class "benimasari" Uwaba Agricultural Center Sweet potato
5 The actual situation of the soil physics characteristics of house mandarin orange garden in listed area Uwaba Agricultural Center House mandarin orange
6 Propagation due to leek thrip of Irisyellowspotvirus(IYSV) and infection to onion Uwaba Agricultural Center Flowers
7 Beer barley which is superior in malt quality in premature delivery, tashu characteristic of "is in season" Agricultural Research Center Wheat
8 Characteristic of rye encouragement kind candidate "ichibamboshi" Agricultural Research Center Wheat
9 Crop proper time of paddy-rice kind "Sagaurara" in the medium mountains Agriculture Experiments and reserach center Paddy-rice
10 tataesuisan*choku*ho in condition disadvantage rice field of the medium mountains" Agricultural Research Center Paddy-rice
11 Soybean seeding-machine (we attach passenger use management machine, tractor) to non-till which does not depend on weather using previous work wheat furrow" Agricultural Research Center Soybean
12 Expansion of work area by the soybean dissemination method introduction to non-till using wheat furrow" Agricultural Research Center Soybean
13 Prevention drug of rice field change of crops soybean pest using unmanned helicopter" Agricultural Research Center Soybean
14 Seed infection prevention method of barley network spot disease and speckled leaf disease" Agricultural Research Center Barley
15 The death rate estimate of wintering period in rice field of sukumiringogai using temperature data" Agricultural Research Center Paddy-rice
16 Change of crops plan support system using map information" Agricultural Research Center Common
17 Use of machine organization administration support system using map information" Agricultural Research Center Common
18 Two years continuation cultivation by bough update of isolation soil culture forcing eggplant" Agricultural Research Center Eggplant
19 Cropping type progress by decompression water absorption processing using immature kind ball of "Saga young girl" Agricultural Research Center Allium fistulosum
20 Improvement in quality in Japanese mustard spinach hydroponics (NFT) of the high temperature period" Agricultural Research Center Japanese mustard spinach
21 The mechanization technology of multi-cultivation of onion" Agricultural Research Center Onion
22 The soil collection position for inorganic state nitrogen concentration evaluation in carbonated water simultaneous fertilization cultivation" Agricultural Research Center Greens and fruits
23 Selective homicide tick agent which we can use in combination with Chilean turnip retick at the time of ... frequent occurrence out of two-spotted spider mite of strawberry" Agricultural Research Center Strawberry
24 Prevention system of minamikiiroazamiuma which put natural enemy and pesticide in forcing eggplant together" Agricultural Research Center Eggplant
25 Outbreak and prevention drug of chiofanetomechiru-resistant onion gray corruption disease-causing bacteria Agricultural Research Center Onion
26 The hardness drop of strawberry fruit and pectic relations" Agricultural Research Center Strawberry
27 Quality and quality maintenance properties of NFT cultivation leaf leek" (Saga young girl) Agricultural Research Center Allium fistulosum
28 Quality change and quality maintenance of cut leaf leek" Agricultural Research Center Leek
29 Rosette evasion technology by seed low temperature processing in torukogikyo autumn shipment cultivation" Agricultural Research Center torukogikyo
30 Direct we sow cultivation in shipment cultivation in autumn using low temperature handling of torukogikyo seed" Agricultural Research Center torukogikyo
31 Kind properties of citrus fruit new article class "*gakashi 2" Fruit Research Laboratory Other citrus fruit
32 The compost large quantity application method in the not being used year of biennial alternation fruition cultivation Fruit Research Laboratory Satsuma mandarin orange
33 Floating skin restraint by calcium agent dispersion of house cultivation "marine bioluminescence" Fruit Research Laboratory Other citrus fruit
34 Enlargement promotion of fruit by early fruit picking of citrus fruit kind "Amakusa" Fruit Research Laboratory Other citrus fruit
35 Improvement in quality by water control of summer fall in citrus fruit "Amakusa" of house cultivation Fruit Research Laboratory Other citrus fruit
36 Simple nourishment diagnostic method of result mother branch for warming proper time judgment in house mandarin orange Fruit Research Laboratory House mandarin orange
37 Of multi-coating time for kohinshitsukaseisan early Fruit Research Laboratory Satsuma mandarin orange
38 Vibration reduction effect of shelf at the time of strong wind by steel tube pipe reinforcement of pear shelf and storing-style prop setting Fruit Research Laboratory Pear
39 Improvement of the soil hardness by the soil mixture of peat moss in pear "Niitaka" and increase of quantity of Japanese radish Fruit Research Laboratory Pear
40 Outbreak prevention technique of Japanese pear "Niitaka" noteia part crack Fruit Research Laboratory Pear
41 Japanese pear "Niitaka" nomitsu symptom development prevention technique Fruit Research Laboratory Pear
42 Damage evasion with inorganic copper agent of usukawamaimai having harming of citrus fruit Fruit Research Laboratory Satsuma mandarin orange
43 Main chemical ingredients which are effective for quality evaluation of ball green tea made of insect Tea Research Laboratory Tea
44 Field firing technology for kamairi seigyokuryokuchakomihatsu* Tea Research Laboratory Tea
45 Simplification of cow fertilized eggs fusion operation by the direct freeze method and improvement of the conception rate Livestock Research Laboratory Cow
46 β-carotene salary effect on black-haired Japanese cow cow reproduction characteristics Livestock Research Laboratory Cow for meat
47 Feed properties of sorghum roll veil lap silage Livestock Research Laboratory Domestic animals
48 Use of cow dung compost cultivation technique in feed rice Livestock Research Laboratory Feed agriculture se
49 Ability in shop floor of saga L limb hoof reinforcement pig Livestock Research Laboratory Hog raising
50 Effective collection management technique of pig embryo and transplant technology for the conception due to fresh embryo Livestock Research Laboratory Hog raising
51 Purification treatment method that combined the soil filtration with the living thing film method which assumed ceramics carrier Livestock Research Laboratory Cow, pig
52 The use of building scrap woods sawdust as new warehouse charges of broiler and the late wastepaper Livestock Research Laboratory Chicken for meat

The Saga agriculture Experiments and reserach liaison and adjustment meeting secretariat


Reference about results of research information


 Examination room name



 Uwaba Agricultural Center 0955 (82) 1930 0955 (51) 1023
 Agricultural Research Center

 0952 (45) 2141

 0952 (45) 8801
 Fruit Research Laboratory 0952 (73) 2275 0952 (71) 1020
 Tea Research Laboratory 0954 (42) 0066 0954 (20) 2004
 Livestock Research Laboratory  0954 (45) 2030 0954 (20) 7000







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