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2004 results of research information

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Saga results of research information

It is results of research information made with each Experiments and reserach engine after 2000.

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※There is not attachment such as PDF and, about before 2012, publishes only results of research information name.

 Please refer to each examination room for detailed contents.



 2004 results of research information


 Results of research information name

 Examination room name



 Permanent planting time and the head period, yield of winter dori cabbage    Uwaba Agricultural Center Cabbage


 Appropriate raising of seedling period when we make permanent planting time in dori cabbage equivalence in winter Uwaba Agricultural Center Cabbage


 Excellent kind of summer firewood winter dori cabbage Uwaba Agricultural Center Cabbage


 The manure nourishment income and expenditure in strawberry ko*sai* using chaff organic nutrient medium Uwaba Agricultural Center Strawberry


 Nourishment adsorption, elution properties of chaff organic nutrient medium to use in strawberry ko*sai* Uwaba Agricultural Center Strawberry


 Change and coming flying time of Iris yellow spot virus (IYSV) hodokuritsu of leek thrip in torukogikyo Uwaba Agricultural Center torukogikyo


 Work diary input, count is soft Agricultural Research Center Paddy-rice, wheat and others


 Cultivation environment factor and the stabilization plan to give to rice cake dough hardening degree of paddy-rice "Hiyoku-Mochi" Agricultural Research Center Paddy-rice


 Outbreak degree and decrease in income of browning paddy caused by typhoon of paddy-rice "Hiyoku-Mochi" produced in 2004 Agricultural Research Center Paddy-rice


 It is dissemination proper time of "is in season" two-rowed barley kind Agricultural Research Center Wheat


 Powder-colored (brightness) drop prevention technique of wheat Agricultural Research Center Wheat


 Importance of deoxynivalenol (DON) reduction effect and flowering golden age dispersion of chiofanetomechiru hydration agent in wheat red mold disease Agricultural Research Center Wheat


 Relations of hosoroikiyoshoku and brown rice protein content of paddy-rice kind "Koshihikari" in sandy loam zone between Nakayama Agricultural Research Center Paddy-rice


 New upbringing system "Saga 2" of Allium fistulosum Agricultural Research Center Allium fistulosum


 The affusion method that it is simple, and there are few quantities of waste fluid of isolation soil culture cultivation eggplant Agricultural Research Center Eggplant


 The nitrogen fertilization method using hifukurin*yasukari in strawberry ko*sai* and liquid fertilizer Agricultural Research Center Strawberry


 Suppressant effect for pest of ultraviolet rays cut film coated asparagus Agricultural Research Center Asparagus


 Prevention system of eggplant soot mold disease mainly composed of protection sterilizers Agricultural Research Center Eggplant


 System prevention with vinyl rain-cover and benefit agent of raising of seedling period for strobilurin drugs-resistant strawberry anthrax disease-causing bacteria Agricultural Research Center Strawberry


 Infection source and prevention countermeasures of strawberry epidemic in field Agricultural Research Center Strawberry


 Limit return time in two years limit cultivation and the height of the spray carnation Agricultural Research Center Carnation


 Model to supply in carbonated water fertilization cultivation of carnation in junendojitai Agricultural Research Center Carnation


 Quantity of carbonated water according to quality of soil at the time of use of intravenous feeding carbonated water in house mandarin orange garden Fruit Research Laboratory Mandarin orange


 kohinshitsukayasuteiseisan by combination of biennial alternation fruition cultivation of premature delivery Wenzhou and multi-cultivation Fruit Research Laboratory Satsuma mandarin orange


 The relationship between kajitsuju and fruit quality of Japanese pear "King autumn" Fruit Research Laboratory Pear


 Labor saving of cultivation management by short treetop pruning cultivation introduction of no nucleus cultivation grape Fruit Research Laboratory Grape


 Anthesis once processing to plan gibberellin processing labor saving in no nucleus cultivation of grape "pione" "Kyoho" "purple ball" Fruit Research Laboratory Grape


 Choice of effective drug for fruit corruption mainly composed of green mold disease of citrus fruit Fruit Research Laboratory Pear


 Importance of all supidosupureya line dispersion in pear black spot prevention Fruit Research Laboratory Pear


 Simple treatment method of fallen leaves that are wintering infection source of pear black spot Fruit Research Laboratory Pear


 sutakuru to storm net which we installed around orchard, fruit damage reduction of fruit tree harlequin bugs by Aruba phosphorus granule water solvent dispersion Fruit Research Laboratory Overall fruit tree


 Effective division of nagachakogane-proof Tea Research Laboratory Tea


 Influence on nagachakogane degree of damage and yield Tea Research Laboratory Tea


 The outbreak actual situation of nagachakogane Tea Research Laboratory Tea


 Branch Article Control Law of tea suitable for quantity of fertilization reduction and pesticide dispersion number of times reduction Tea Research Laboratory Tea


 Consumption point of kamairi seigyokuryokucha Tea Research Laboratory Tea


 Roast pot; simple processed tea technology utilized flavor of tea Tea Research Laboratory Tea


 Main chemical ingredients which are effective for quality evaluation of kamairi seigyokuryokucha Tea Research Laboratory Tea


 Product meat ability test (indirect method) results of kind ox candidate "*ga*shi" Livestock Research Laboratory  Cow for meat


 Improvement of "breeding value mating simulation" software Livestock Research Laboratory  Cow for meat


 Fertilized eggs transplant program to long term non-conception cow Livestock Research Laboratory  Breeding cow


 Farmhouse proof of improvement in fleshy substance technology by soshiryotakyuhiiku Livestock Research Laboratory  Cow for meat


 TMR salary of rice fermentation roughage in milking cow Livestock Research Laboratory  Dairy cattle


 Change of β-carotene content accompanied with growth of feed rice "mho retsu" and the sun drying Livestock Research Laboratory  Forage crop


 β-carotene content drop accompanied with storage of feed rice "mho retsu" dried grass and the re-sun drying Livestock Research Laboratory  Forage crop


 It is improved sperm viability after freeze thawing with program freezer Livestock Research Laboratory  Hog raising


 Egg yolk color can produce chicken eggs full of β-carotene densely by salary of discoloration laver Livestock Research Laboratory  Egg collection chicken


 Bad smell reduction effect by material mixture to egg collection fowl droppings Livestock Research Laboratory  Egg collection chicken


 Deposition sludge processing utilizing methane fermentation technology Livestock Research Laboratory  All domestic animals

The Saga agriculture Experiments and reserach liaison and adjustment meeting secretariat


Reference about results of research information

  Examination room name



 Uwaba Agricultural Center 0955 (82) 1930 0955 (51) 1023 
 Agricultural Research Center 0952 (45) 2141 0952 (45) 8801
 Fruit Research Laboratory 0952 (73) 2275 0952 (71) 1020
 Tea Research Laboratory 0954 (42) 0066 0954 (20) 2004
 Livestock Research Laboratory  0954 (45) 2030 0954 (20) 7000




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