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2010 results of research information

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Saga results of research information

It is results of research information made with each Experiments and reserach engine after 2000.

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※There is not attachment such as PDF and, about before 2012, publishes only results of research information name.

 Please refer to each examination room for detailed contents.



2010 results of research information


Results of research information name

Examination room name


1 Eyes' of potato promising kind `Incaic civilization of excellent seasoning suitable for listed area Uwaba Agricultural Center Potatoes
2 Promising kind `spring light' of potato which is superior in the appearance in tashusei suitable for listed area Uwaba Agricultural Center Potatoes
3 Use of stalk and phyllome sweet potato `improvement in profitability using yellow fluorescent lamp in' to breathe, and to chase Uwaba Agricultural Center Potatoes
4 The cell tray step stacking method that budding rate of onion improves Uwaba Agricultural Center Cormophyte
5 Child ball upbringing method that used cell tray for dori onion production in winter Uwaba Agricultural Center Cormophyte
6 It is permanent planting extension of period by permanent planting after the appearance leaf of cell tray upbringing child ball in dori onion in winter Uwaba Agricultural Center Cormophyte
7 Fuel reduction effect by heat radiation fin wearing to warm air heating machine in facility vegetables Uwaba Agricultural Center Facility vegetables
8 The actual situation grasp and improvement effect of the soil physics and chemistry characteristics in listed local house mandarin orange garden Uwaba Agricultural Center House mandarin orange
9 Cutting down time of "Saga is ideal day" and the appearance distinguish paddy-rice variety Agricultural Research Center Paddy-rice
10 Outbreak life and prevention method of rice field shortage prevention weed "co-Scirpus fluviatilis" Agricultural Research Center Paddy-rice
11 Fine soil water and application method of preventive measures against spawns with paddy-rice raising of seedling box using organic quality manure Agricultural Research Center Paddy-rice
12 Transplant time avoiding brown planthopper damage in organic farming of paddy-rice premature delivery kind "Yume-shizuku" Agricultural Research Center Paddy-rice
13 taniketsuka eggplant new article class "Saga N1" which can save labor of bearing fruit promotion processing work Agricultural Research Center Eggplant
14 Cultivation of leaf wasabi utilizing hydroponics device and groundwater in the medium mountains Agricultural Research Center Leaf wasabi
15 Weed prevention by positive heat sterilization in low nursery raising of seedling of organically-grown onion Agricultural Research Center Onion
16 Attack restraint of spring noudonko illness by autumn drug prevention in strawberry old stock Agricultural Research Center Strawberry
17 Influence and appropriate fertilization charges that difference in bowl capacity in dwarf tree cultivation of ground cherry kind "Saga H2" gives to growth Agricultural Research Center Ground cherry
18 Natsuaki giku kind malformed flower generating reduction countermeasures under high temperature environment of "generation of spirit" Agricultural Research Center Chrysanthemum
19 Local proof of quality and improvement in profitability effect of satsuma by root zone restrictions cultivation Fruit Research Laboratory Satsuma mandarin orange
20 Effective compound warming method utilizing heat pump in house mandarin orange cultivation Fruit Research Laboratory House mandarin orange
21 The relationship between sapling growth and soil physics characteristics of "*gakashi 34" Fruit Research Laboratory chubankan
22 Influence on tree body growth by difference of stock in great seedling upbringing using pot made of nonwoven fabric of Japanese pear "good luck water" Fruit Research Laboratory Pear
23 Improvement in germination rate countermeasures in no warming house cultivation of yellow green system grape kind "Rosary Bianco" Fruit Research Laboratory Grape
24 Collection time of flower of plum "Hollywood" used as pollination tree with high germination rate Fruit Research Laboratory Plum
25 The need of simple rain gauge for citrus fruit melanose proper time prevention Fruit Research Laboratory Citrus fruit
26 Effect of drug on mandarin orange whitefly Fruit Research Laboratory Citrus fruit
27 Development of multi-specimen milling device `automatic masher' of plant sample Fruit Research Laboratory Overall plant
28 Pest damage and yield of the second tea under organic farming Tea Research Laboratory Tea
29 Characteristic of tea promising kind "it is clear light" Tea Research Laboratory Tea
30 It is characteristic of "it is full of relief" tea promising kind Tea Research Laboratory Tea
31 Nondestructiveness measurement method of tea inorganic element using radiated ray by synchrotron Tea Research Laboratory Tea
32 Group management TMR salary technique utilizing homemade manure Livestock Research Laboratory Dairy cows
33 Phosphorus removal collection efficiency by MAP reaction improves by improvement of ventilation condition and capacity Livestock Research Laboratory Hog raising
34 The biodegradable organic ratio for nitrogen of hog raising drainage influences the nitrogen removal Livestock Research Laboratory Hog raising
35 Profit increases 15% of crushed rice in egg collection chicken feed by 6% when it costs salary Livestock Research Laboratory Chicken
36 When salary makes garlic assorted feed, chicken for meat can reduce productivity drop at the time of immunoreaction Livestock Research Laboratory Chicken
37 Supersonic wave measurement manual for beef cattle fat crossing judgment Livestock Research Laboratory Cow for meat

The Saga agriculture Experiments and reserach liaison and adjustment meeting secretariat


Reference about results of research information

 Examination room name



 Uwaba Agricultural Center 0955 (82) 1930 0955 (51) 1023
 Agricultural Research Center 0952 (45) 2141

 0952 (45) 8801

 Fruit Research Laboratory 0952 (73) 2275 0952 (71) 1020
 Tea Research Laboratory 0954 (42) 0066 0954 (20) 2004
 Livestock Research Laboratory  0954 (45) 2030 0954 (20) 7000


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