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2011 results of research information

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Saga results of research information

It is results of research information made with each Experiments and reserach engine after 2000.


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※There is not attachment such as PDF and, about before 2012, publishes only results of research information name.

 Please refer to each examination room for detailed contents.


2011 results of research information


Results of research information name

Examination room name


1 Head dormancy restraint by short-day treatment for July dissemination seedling for the purpose of machine permanent planting of winter dori onion Uwaba Agricultural Center Cormophyte (onion)
2 New raising of seedling method by short-day treatment in winter dori onion cultivation Uwaba Agricultural Center Cormophyte (onion)
3 Yield of winter dori onion cultivation using the new raising of seedling method Uwaba Agricultural Center Cormophyte (onion)
4 Promising kind of dori onion cultivation "spreads out" in winter using the new raising of seedling method; "young circle" Uwaba Agricultural Center Cormophyte (onion)
5 Thermal efficiency is maintained by 35% of fuel reduction with quality of wood pellet heating machine, and cost reduction is possible Uwaba Agricultural Center Facility vegetables
6 Temperature precision is improved by fuel reduction and ignition temperature control of quality of wood pellet heating machine Uwaba Agricultural Center Facility vegetables
7 Yield is at the same level in different manure in the organic farming of dry field farming onion, and income is superior in fowl droppings and seedcake Uwaba Agricultural Center Cormophyte (onion)
8 Organically-grown yield every different kind of cropping type in dry field farming onion Uwaba Agricultural Center Cormophyte (onion)
The approach situation of JAS organic certification vegetables production in Higashimatsuura area Uwaba Agricultural Center  Cormophyte 
10 The outbreak situation of pest in pole premature delivery of onion and organic farming using copper agent inorganic in premature delivery kind Uwaba Agricultural Center  Cormophyte (onion) 
11 Outbreak disincentive of `imitation macula disease' in listed local house mandarin orange garden Uwaba Agricultural Center  House mandarin orange 
12 Carbonated water method of the water return period to secure M S kaikyuka 70% or more in the listed local house mandarin orange garden Uwaba Agricultural Center  House mandarin orange
13  Concentrated feed salary method of fatting prometaphase for high quality beef production in Mitsu Sakae parishioner cow Uwaba Agricultural Center  Cow for meat 
14 Farming program planning support of local farming organization which put onion together to rice and wheat soybean is soft Agricultural Research Center Paddy-rice, wheat, soybean, onion
15 Paddy-rice new article class "Saga 40" having anthocyanin in low amylose Agricultural Research Center Paddy-rice
16 The outbreak actual situation of weed killer-resistant Alopecurus aequalis in *jo, Mikami district Agricultural Research Center Wheat
17 Vicissitude of growth of futaobikoyaga larva in grass weed is similar to paddy-rice of the summer Agricultural Research Center Paddy-rice
18 Organic farming of March dori lettuce in paddy-rice + lettuce planting system Agricultural Research Center Lettuce
19 Healthy seedling production system which we incorporated anthracic disease-causing bacteria polymerase chain reaction test in strawberry Hara seed and sapling production farm in Agricultural Research Center Strawberry
20 Comprehensive pest prevention system corresponding to special cultivation farm products certification system in cucumber late raising Agricultural Research Center Cucumber
21 Prevention countermeasures by outbreak change and cucumber late raising of gourds chlorosis etiolation virus hodokumushi Agricultural Research Center Cucumber
22 Prevention effect by blight and the soil sterilization to cause poor growth to anniversary rain-cover cultivation small leek of Saga Agricultural Research Center Small leek
23 Production of rain-cover spinach stability technique by double coating of shading material Agricultural Research Center Spinach
24  Mutagenesis of pink ring giku "*kei 1" by synchrotron light irradiation Agricultural Research Center  Chrysanthemum 
25 Kind properties in Saga of citrus fruit new article class "tsukorebo" Fruit Research Laboratory The inside immature citrus fruit
26 Characteristic of rouge system premature delivery satsuma kind "*gakashi 6" which we can ship after the middle of November Fruit Research Laboratory Satsuma
27 The coloration promotion of house mandarin orange with air conditioner night in the summer utilizing heat pump Fruit Research Laboratory House mandarin orange
28 Relations of type and fruit quality of multi-material in hiryu stand "Imamura Wenzhou" Fruit Research Laboratory Satsuma
29 Crown expansion by grafted tree cultivation in the northern high blueberry "duke" of Bush line "spar tongue" and securing of initial yield Fruit Research Laboratory Blueberry
30 Fruit menstruation disorder development restraint by the summer sprinkling in Japanese pear "King autumn" Fruit Research Laboratory Pear


Incubation time of egg of kikubisukashiba having harming of kiwi fruit Fruit Research Laboratory Kiwi fruit
32 The use of the freshness maintenance agent for storage blight of citrus fruit "marine bioluminescence" Fruit Research Laboratory Citrus fruit
33 The Surveys method with yellow adhesion trap of chugokunashikijirami having harming of pear Fruit Research Laboratory Pear
34 Damage reduction of cosmetic blight by introduction of simple rain-cover facility in organic farming of citrus fruit Fruit Research Laboratory  Citrus fruit 
35 Influence that fruit picking time of pear gives to outbreak of black spot Fruit Research Laboratory  Pear 
36 Ladybugs confirmed in organic farming garden of satsuma mandarin orange Fruit Research Laboratory  Citrus fruit 
37 Evasion effect of chanohosoga with high pressure sodium lamp Tea Research Laboratory Tea
38 Candidate class ox "Katsu Hara Shigeru" from prefecture, it is the spot after ages official approval results of "Shigeru high fortune" Livestock Research Laboratory Cow for meat
39 Gene domain (CW-3) which we identified in the black-haired Japanese cow increases carcass weight Livestock Research Laboratory Cow for meat
40 Feed intake and growth improve black-haired Japanese cow twins calf by artificial lactation for 90 days Livestock Research Laboratory Cow for meat
41 Decoloration effect of ozone becomes stable by reducing processing underwater nitrous acid-related nitrogen Livestock Research Laboratory Pig
42 Activated sludge model who improved can predict nitrite accumulation by hog raising drainage processing Livestock Research Laboratory Pig
43 We transplant vitrifaction preservation embryo which we made by the MVAC method surgically, and pig of 80% conceives a child Livestock Research Laboratory Pig
44  Little pig is provided by nonsurgical transplant of vitrifaction preservation embryo using catheter for embryo transfer Livestock Research Laboratory   Pig
45  Of egg white by kuzubeitakyu it is improved with vitamin B2 salary transparentizing Livestock Research Laboratory Chicken

The Saga agriculture Experiments and reserach liaison and adjustment meeting secretariat


Reference about results of research information

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 Uwaba Agricultural Center 0955 (82) 1930 0955 (51) 1023
 Agricultural Research Center 0952 (45) 2141 0952 (45) 8801
 Fruit Research Laboratory 0952 (73) 2275 0952 (71) 1020
 Tea Research Laboratory 0954 (42) 0066 0954 (20) 2004
 Livestock Research Laboratory  0954 (45) 2030 0954 (20) 7000





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