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2012 results of research information

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Saga results of research information

It is results of research information made with each Experiments and reserach engine after 2000.


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 ※There is not attachment such as PDF and, about before 2012, publishes only results of research information name.

 Please refer to each examination room for detailed contents.



2012 results of research information


Results of research information name

Examination room name


1 All devices to automatically open and close which enable saving of labor-like short-day treatment in raising of seedling of dori onion in winter Uwaba Agricultural Center Onion
2 Development of hybrid controller for local temperature controlling device realizing low-cost driving Uwaba Agricultural Center Strawberry
3 Machinery and tools constitution of necessary ability and saving of labor type of low-cost local temperature control system Uwaba Agricultural Center Strawberry
4 Management estimate of low-cost local temperature control system of strawberry aiming at improvement in income Uwaba Agricultural Center Strawberry
5 Management model of large-scale strawberry farmers aiming at 1ha scale utilizing package center Uwaba Agricultural Center Strawberry
6 The onset of last diaphragm ka (tentative name) of "Saga is faint" has many strawberries in chaff first year nutrient medium, and there are few boron contents of fruit Uwaba Agricultural Center Strawberry
7 Strawberry by application of microelement material reduces last diaphragm ka (tentative name) outbreak of "Saga is faint" Uwaba Agricultural Center Strawberry
8 The multidimensional bare same time analysis of onion ball by the fluorescence X-rays analysis using synchrotron light and the soil Uwaba Agricultural Center Onion
9 Distinction of organically-grown onion by the fluorescence X-rays analysis using synchrotron light Uwaba Agricultural Center Onion
10 Copper agent dispersion of the new treetop extension period is effective for attack restraint of `imitation macula disease' becoming problem with house mandarin orange Uwaba Agricultural Center House mandarin orange
11 Early production of house mandarin oranges reopening technique which shed the leaves in `imitation macula disease' Uwaba Agricultural Center House mandarin orange
12 About 15% of energy saving effects are provided in comparison with double coating garden in triple coating garden of house mandarin orange Uwaba Agricultural Center House mandarin orange
13 Temperature, photoenvironment of triple coating house mandarin orange garden and yield of fruit and quality two folds are at the same level as coating garden Uwaba Agricultural Center House mandarin orange
14 Reduction of phosphoric acid and quantity of K fertilization in paddy-rice - barley system Agricultural Research Center Paddy-rice, wheat
15 It is the death by drowning method just after dissemination in paddy-rice dry rice field direct planting Agricultural Research Center Paddy-rice
16 We prevent synthesis of weed killer-resistant Alopecurus aequalis in wheat dissemination to non-till Agricultural Research Center Wheat
17 If the coleorhiza head, the sheath leaf head extends 2mm or more, barley, nude wheatear germination seed for food is not available Agricultural Research Center Wheat
18 Outbreak of strobilurin-based agent-resistant rice imochi disease-causing bacteria Agricultural Research Center Paddy-rice
19 The Shintate stem method for spring bud increased income in asparagus Agricultural Research Center Asparagus
20 The application method of organic quality manure to pole premature delivery onion in paddy-rice + onion planting system Agricultural Research Center Onion
21 Characteristic of seasoning-related form and essence of fully-ripened fruit in biennial alternation fruition cultivation of "Kiyomi" Fruit Research Laboratory chubankan
22 By own root resection of inside immature citrus fruit "*gakashi 34" wear; influence on flower, ka and quality Fruit Research Laboratory chubankan
23 Triple coating energy saving effect using the small ventilation fan in house mandarin orange Fruit Research Laboratory House mandarin orange
24 The outbreak actual situation that has poor Japanese pear germination in Saga Fruit Research Laboratory Pear
25 The soil of outbreak garden having poor germination of Japanese pear in Saga is physics-related and chemical Fruit Research Laboratory Pear
26 Root county distribution in root zone restrictions cultivation of Japanese pear "good luck water" Fruit Research Laboratory Pear
27 Fruit enlargement promotion effect by cyclic skin processing to vomit of yellow kiwi fruit "Hort 16A" Fruit Research Laboratory Kiwi fruit
28 Drug with high prevention effect on fujikonaigaramushi of citrus fruit and cottony cushion scale Fruit Research Laboratory Citrus fruit
29 Effective drug for chugokunashikijirami having harming of pear Fruit Research Laboratory Pear
30 The effective direction for uses of benomyl hydration agent for kiwi fruit soot group disease Fruit Research Laboratory Kiwi fruit
31 "It blooms and is green" and "swelling green" has appropriateness to product made in steaming ball green tea Tea Research Laboratory Tea
32 The effectiveness of long-term intravenous feeding fertilization cultivation in tea tree Tea Research Laboratory Tea
33 Difference between variety of chanomidorihimeyokobai damage in the second tea of no chemistry pesticide cultivation tea plantation Tea Research Laboratory Tea
34 Effect of joyodaatsutokori at the time of steamed tea ball green tea production Tea Research Laboratory Tea
35 Candidate class ox "Katsuji" from prefecture, it is the spot after ages official approval results of "Shippo God" Livestock Research Laboratory Cow for meat
36 We can estimate gene domain (QTL) chaining economic form and essence in regional kind ox "Mitsu Sakae" Livestock Research Laboratory Cow for meat
37 Parturient evocation by coadministering of drug is available for narrowing of parturient time for black-haired Japanese cow breeding beef Livestock Research Laboratory Cow for meat
38 Temperature has a correlative relation with the surface temperature between forepaw vice-hoof in the dairy cows Livestock Research Laboratory Dairy cattle
39 We can increase sirloin cross section of fatting pig of the summer heat period by increasing combination proportion of barley Livestock Research Laboratory Pig
40 Economic effect is finished by kind pig introduction by embryo transfer Livestock Research Laboratory Pig
41 It becomes easy to acclimatize for the later summer heat by high temperature sensitization of (1-7 days age) in early age Livestock Research Laboratory Chicken

The Saga agriculture Experiments and reserach liaison and adjustment meeting secretariat


Reference about results of research information

 Examination room name



 Uwaba Agricultural Center 0955 (82) 1930 0955 (51) 1023
 Agricultural Research Center 0952 (45) 2141 0952 (45) 8801
 Fruit Research Laboratory 0952 (73) 2275 0952 (71) 1020
 Tea Research Laboratory 0954 (42) 0066 0954 (20) 2004
 Livestock Research Laboratory  0954 (45) 2030 0954 (20) 7000





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