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We derive voluntary effort and making of system for improvement of service standard and are intended that we plan improvement of quality of service, and company providing service of dementia-adaptive cohabitation care among companies of community-based service carries out evaluation of quality of care service to provide by oneself and receives evaluation by outsider regularly and is required to announce those results. (evaluation by outside evaluation organization of small scale multifunctional model home care office becomes arbitrary than ※ 2015.)

Conduct of evaluation

 Proprietor offering care service contracts with outside evaluation organization and receives evaluation and will announce self-evaluation and result of the outside evaluation through WAMNET.

(1) Self-evaluation

 Each office looks back on everyday service by oneself and finds point to have and improved point. Office makes a plan based on refinement and pushes forward concrete approach for improvement.


(2) Outside evaluation

 Based on self-evaluation result or family questionnaire, two visit investigators visit office with one set on 1st and investigate observation, hearing, documents check. Evaluation organization evaluates based on the survey.


Figure of summary

Community-based service outside evaluation engine of Saga

 Corporation name: Saga Council of Social Welfare (external link)
 Address: 7-18, Onimarucho, Saga-shi
 TEL: 0952-25-0623

 Corporation name: Saga social worker society We open with the other window(external link)

 Address: 1-15-3, Yaemizo, Saga-shi
 TEL: 0952-36-5833


 Relaxation of the outside evaluation conduct number of times

 About company meeting all the following conditions, we can do the conduct number of times of outside evaluation at a time for two years. But please carry out about self-evaluation every year.

1) Continue so far for five years, and carry out outside evaluation.

2) Submit self-evaluation result, outside evaluation result and accomplishment plan to insurer.

3) Hold administration promotion meeting more than six times in the past one year.

4) 3) The staff of insurer whom office keeps of this in administration promotion meeting or the staff of Local Elderly Care Management Center is almost present.

5) In evaluation matters to set of separate table, 2, 3, 4, 6 practice situation of outside end-point are appropriate among outside end-point.

※Application is necessary to receive relaxation.


Expense pertaining to outside evaluation

 Outside evaluation is carried out by community-based service office and contract with outside evaluation organization.

 As for the expense to affect for each 1 office, in Saga Council of Social Welfare, 53,000 yen, Saga social worker society are 55,000 yen. 


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Saga prefectural government office (corporation number 1000020410004)

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Tel: 0952-24-2111 (main)
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