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Guidance of traffic accident consultation

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About Saga traffic accident counselor's office

Person of trouble, please feel free to contact in traffic accident.

Consultation expense is free.
We accept on the telephone. We keep secret firmly.


≪About privacy policy of Saga traffic accident counselor's office≫
Saga traffic accident counselor's office will ask about personal information in the range of minimum to accept traffic accident consultation of consultants.

Saga traffic accident counselor's office will not provide to third party (including other belonging in Saga prefectural government office) without consent of consultants about information to distinguish authorized individuals such as full name, address, phone number of consultants.
But we may provide if offer is required by laws and ordinances including case of the investigation cooperation based on the Criminal Procedure Code.

We advocate in the above, and Saga traffic accident counselor's office "is thorough by protection of personal information of consultants based on Saga privacy policy and action program and protects secret firmly.

The consultation date and time 
  Days (except New Year holidays) from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

    (we call on abanse closed day and talk)
Consultation place 
  〒840-0815 3-2-11, Tenjin, Saga-shi
   Saga consumer service center in the third floor of abanse Safe & Secure Lifestyle Division

Telephone: 0952-25-7061

Lawyer consultation every month second fourth Friday (in principle) from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 

        (it needs all reservations. At first, please call traffic accident counselor's office)


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When we encounter traffic accident

What is established in law

  Relief of injured person

  Movement such as measures ... accident vehicles such as prevention of danger (prevention of successive occurrence accident occurrence)

  It is reported accident to the police of accident report ... nearest

 If is ... victim; ...
 1.We check address, full name of partner
   We check address, full name, age, workplace of assailant, the participation situation, contact information of insurance with driver's license and the registration document.
 2.Even as for the light injury diagnosis of doctor
   Even if there is not injury, pain may come out at the time of accident later. By all means diagnosis of doctor.
 3.We send to the police immediately
   Assailant is liable for Notifecations by the coming and going method, but may arrive from victim if we hesitate about Notifecations.
   (when there is not Notifecations, we may not demand compensation for damages without being able to receive traffic accident proof.)
 4.We record the situation of accident
   While memory does not fade, we will record course of sketch and accident. When there is eyewitness, we confirm address, the name and will ask for testimony.

 If is ... assailant; ...
 1.Victim, at first, to hospital
   If victim gets injured, earlier than anything relief of victim. Without light injury and injury, carry victim to hospital; by all means diagnosis of doctor.
 2.We send to the nearest police
   Assailant is liable for Notifecations by the coming and going method. (coming and going method Article 72 Paragraph 1) if there is not Notifecations, request for insurance is not possible without being able to receive traffic accident proof,

   We will pay our own a large amount of compensation for damages.

 << reference >> It is useful later if we arrange as follows.
  The record point about traffic accident
   The date and time of accident occurrence    
      The date, day, time
     Place of accident occurrence  
      We will record buildings becoming the location and mark of accident place of birth.
   Address of partner       
      We will hear to lot number well.
   Full name, age, phone number of partner
      When full name, age confirms with driver's license, it is more certain.

                Home, the office hear phone number and will allow you to contact immediately when it is necessary.

   Classification of vehicle of partner  
      It is usually distinction between car, large freight car.
   It is certain if we have you show registration number of vehicle of partner, address, full name, the registration document of tenants by entireties.
   Participation insurance company and health insurance card number
      Insurance of traffic accident includes "automobile insurance" to take out by automobile third party liability insurance (compulsory insurance) and free will (voluntary insurance).

   The situation of accident      
      We easily draw figure of accident situation and will itemize time course.

   Police station on accident processing
      There are 10 police stations in the prefecture.

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