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Firefighter Training School: Q&As

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Firefighter Training School Q&A


Q: What kind of school is Firefighter Training School?

A: As for the Firefighter Training School, "the firefighting Organization Acts" require setting in the prefecture as educational training organization about firefighting disaster prevention. Therefore, it is different from school (elementary school, junior high school, high school) to fix for School Education Act.


Q: Do we want to enter Firefighter Training School?

A: Firefighter Training School is organization performing educational training about firefighting disaster prevention for staff of fire station, member of firefighting team and general member of fire prevention club and member of boy firefighting club. It is not technical school for it to be to staff of fire station in something like inservice training institute of company if we say in private enterprise.

  In addition, what receive employment examination of each firefighting headquarters, and is adopted is necessary to become staff of fire station. In addition, staff of new hiring fire station enters a school in Firefighter Training School by all means and must receive educational training.


Q: In Saga Firefighter Training School, what kind of one educating is it?

A: We educate the following.

  "Staff of fire station education"   

                  The first designation department   


  For the new hiring staff, we let you be aware of responsibilities as staff of fire station for about six months and perform education to plan knowledge about the necessary basics, business and improvement of the acquisition of basic technology and physical strength.

 Preventive inspection department 

  We let you understand the current situation of inspection administration and problem and, for the staff in charge of preventive duties for about ten days, perform building regulation, dangerous materials regulation and education to let you learn knowledge and technique to modify facilities for firefighting.

 Fire Surveys department

  We perform education to let you learn expertise and technique necessary for fire cause, the damage Surveys for about ten days.

Help department

  For about one month, we plan expertise necessary for help duties, the acquisition of high technique and full willpower and physical strength reinforcement and train member of rescue team.

 Special disaster department

  We perform education that there are firefighting by basic knowledge for special materials and special disaster and safety management, the effective firefighting tactics to cope with special and strange disaster for about one week.

Emergency course

 We let you be familiar with the handling of knowledge, technique necessary for emergency duties based on educational training standard and sukuikyushikizai for about two months and train ambulance crew who can perform emergency measures.

  Special education 

 We carry out defending department (various), qualification course (crane, lack of oxygen, radio), disaster prevention lecture, daily culture lecture and perform various education.


"Member of firefighting team education"

                 Basic course


 Targeting at members within joining an organization three years, we let you learn basic knowledge and techniques such as fire gyo-proof, first aid, help and perform education to plan enhancement of firefighting team activity.

Senior leader department

  We learn necessary knowledge such as crisis management in operational management of firefighting team and disaster activity, disaster prevention instruction targeting at senior leaders who are older than Manager of vice-branch office.

Intermediate executive department

  Targeting at manager, people in rank of deputy manager, we let you let you be aware of responsibilities and understand effective disaster activity efficiency and safety management.

The beginner's class executive department

  Targeting at people in rank of group leader, we train proficient member in training etiquette for rules maintenance necessary for firefighting team administration.

Special education

  We carry out the woman member of firefighting team training, disaster prevention lecture, moving Firefighter Training School, daily entering course and perform education to member of firefighting team.


"General education"

  We carry out the member of boy firefighting club disaster prevention training, the member of woman fire prevention club disaster prevention training and perform education to plan improvement of fire prevention awareness.

 ※There is education department not to carry out by the year.


Q: Can woman enter a school in Firefighter Training School, too?

A: The woman firefighting staff is employed in Saga from 2002 and gradually increases. After firefighting headquarters adoption, we will receive educational training same as man in the first designation department education, and group will live a life in the student dormitory (dormitory room is divided by man and woman division.). In addition, we carry out "the member of woman firefighting team training" at our school as it is played an active part about member of woman firefighting team in Saga.


Q: How becomes curriculum of the day?

A: Image introduces schedule of the day. 1st of Firefighter Training School


Q: There is student dormitory, must we stay by all means?

A: As a general rule, entering life requires all the students to live in its dormitories. Therefore, we will stay at student dormitory about education two days or more. But there is change to attending school education depending on education contents, too.


Q: Are going out and staying out possible?

A: It is the same as normal rest and can stay out the day before on Sundays and holidays on Friday and Saturday, Sundays and holidays.

 Going out is possible only when we get permission of president. But it becomes kaesakojikaniwashu.

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