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We accept the use registration of "disaster prevention net anan"

The last update date:

March 1, 2018


 We apply Saga disaster prevention, security, relief information distribution system "disaster prevention net anan" delivering various disaster prevention information using email functions such as cell-phones as help for citizens of the prefecture to secure security, relief as follows.
 We register by all means, and let's make use for local disaster prevention activity and securing of security, relief.


※When email from "disaster prevention net anan" does not arrive, we have possibilities caused by setting of junk emails such as mobile carriers. I would like confirmation of setting in reference to the first page of manual of the lower confirmation and page of junk email folder.


1. The information distribution start date

The service start date: Monday, July 3, 2006


2. Type of delivery information

Please see no page "introducing contents delivering" in "disaster prevention net anan" about detailed delivery contents.


(1) Disaster prevention information

    • Weather warning, warning (special warning) (heavy rain, flood, storm, high tide, thunder)
    • Earthquake information (more than prefecture seismic intensity of 3)
    • Tsunami information (major tsunami warning, tsunami warning, tsunami advisory)
    • Tropical cyclone information
    • River information
    • Landslide alert information
    • Extreme high temperature forecast
    • Hazardous wind watch 
    • Prefectures weather information (heavy rain, typhoon)

(2) Crime prevention information

    • Calling case, information about harbinger of crime against children including haunting of lurker
    • Stray child (people) information
    • Information about Traffic safety

(3) Emergencies information

    • Information that transmission is necessary for large-scale accident, Emergencies including terrorism occurrence

(4) Fire information

    • Outbreak of fire, information about extinguishment of a fire

(5) Foot-and-mouth disease information

(6) Bird flu information

(7) Sea area environmental information

    • Ariake Sea information
    • The Sea of Genkai information
    • Drainage information 

(8) Safety confirmation information at the time of disaster occurrence

(9) Living information

    • Photochemical oxidant, PM2.5 information
    • Heat stroke information (from June to September) (during period, deliver at 4:00 p.m.)
    • Ultraviolet rays information        (we deliver every day at 6:00 a.m.
    • Pollen information (from February to April) (during period, deliver at 6:00 p.m.)
    • Electric power supply and demand stringency warning
    • Blackout information 
    • Water outage information 

(10) Municipalities information (Tosu-shi, Kashima-shi, Takeo-shi, Shiroishi-cho, Imari-shi, Miyaki-cho, Kouhoku-machi)

    • Disaster prevention/crime prevention information


3. Area where is targeted for delivery information

 Whole prefecture (by choice of user, setting is possible by all municipalities lumps or municipalities unit.)

4. Information provider

 The Meteorological Agency, the prefecture, The Prefectural Police Headquarters, municipalities, each the prefecture firefighting headquarters


About the use registration

(1) Method of the use registration

  We access the following sites and click "simple registration" We open with the other window(external link) or "detailed registration" We open with the other window(external link) and after that register according to guidance displayed by screen.


    • Saga disaster prevention, security, reliable information distribution system "disaster prevention net anan" 



QR code

     [QR code]


(2) Instructions 

  • "Simple registration", please identify manual of the following related link about difference of "detailed registration".
  • He/she registers from registration screen for PC even if we choose either registration among PC, smartphone when we register.
  • We can register in e-mail addresses such as PCs.
  • Please set cell-phone that junk email countermeasures is set to receive email from domain of "". You may become unable to receive by recommended setting of junk email countermeasures depending on model. 
  • Junk email becomes handled, and, depending on email reception software, we may be divided in two by "junk email" folder. Please confirm what email of registration completion can receive on this occasion after having you perform setting not to be junk email, and registering again, and going through the procedure.
  • As it was refused to receive for changes of junk email setting when email does not arrive during the use suddenly, it is thought that delivery registration was canceled automatically. After having had you register again and go through the procedure, please confirm that you can receive registration completion email.
  • When delivery cancellation is hoped for, please send email of the sky to "". 
  • It is not registered disaster prevention net ananniha even if we send email of the sky to "". You register from the site mentioned above, and please go through the procedure.

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