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Ariake Sea coast road public relations magazine "guidepost"

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■With Ariake Sea coast road


●In country and Saga, we are performing examination and maintenance of plan of area highly specified road "Ariake Sea coast road" of about 55 kilometers of plan line extension to link Kashima-shi, Saga to Omuta-shi, Fukuoka now.

●This road can run at 80 kilometers from speed per hour 60 and expressways are united with other roads in "free of charge" in available driveway, and development of Kyushu Saga International Airport by exchange promotion of Ariake Sea coastal area, sightseeing promotion accompanied with expansion of pulling in customers sphere are expected.

●A part was available and, about "Saga Fukutomi roads" from Kase-cho, Saga-shi to Fukudomi, Shiroishi-cho, came to be able to take advantage of Ashikari south interchange interval newly from Ashikari interchange on March 26, 2016 from March, 2011. We are pushing forward construction now about the next section.


●About "Fukutomi Kajima Road" from Fukudomi, Shiroishi-cho to Fukaura, Shiroishi-cho, procedure for environmental impact assessment is completed and is performing Surveys, examination for industrialization now.


●About "Okawa Saga roads" from Onoshima, Okawa-shi, Fukuoka to Kase-cho, Saga-shi, it is started surveying, Surveys in some sections in the country from 2008.

●In Fukuoka, we come to be able to use a part from March, 2008, and construction is pushed forward now.


■With public relations magazine "guidepost"

●We issued public relations magazine "guidepost" to have all of you know contents or progress of business and issued No. 9 this time.
 We will issue depending on progress condition of business in future.

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