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Ideguchi River dam (the May, 2012 completion) Ideguchigawa Dam

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                      Surcharge water level arrival February 16, 2012 shooting


   Ideguchi River dam aerial photograph



Plan explanation

 Ideguchi lower part of a river basin of the Matsuura River water system was annoyed by great flood disaster including the inundation of house at every flood including 1990 in 1976.
 In addition, development of new water supply water source becomes urgent business because water demand increased with improvement of the standard of living including the spread of recent sewers in Imari-shi.
 Thus, we planned construction of Ideguchi river dam as multipurpose dam in Ideguchi Kawanaka style region to plan flood control, stabilization of existing profit water intake, maintenance of river environment and securing of water source of water supply water of Imari-shi in the prefecture.
 We started the body construction at the end of 2007 and completed casting of the dam body concrete in June, 2010. We started examination flooding on May 10, 2011 and arrived at sachaji water level (high water that can temporarily accumulate for EL103.7m, prevention of flood) on February 14, 2012.

 Keep sachaji water level until February 20, 2012, and is usually water level afterwards on February 27, 2012; let water level always descend to water level (EL98.1m), and was finished with examination flooding as confirmed the dam body, the basics ground, safety around the reservoir, and started real operation from June 1, 2012.




Business summary

  1. The business main constituent: Saga
  2. Water system name: The first class water system Matsuura River
  3. River name: Ideguchi River
  4. Position: Okawacho, Imari-shi, Saga
  5. Model: Gravity-type concrete dam
  6. Dam summary:
    • The amount of bank: 43.7m
    • Mayor of bank top: 235.0m
    • Bank volume: 120,600m3
  7. Catchment area: 4.27km2
  8. Total storing water capacity: 2,180,000m3
  9. Valid storing water capacity: 2,030,000m3
  10. Term of works: From 1989 to 2012                                                         
  11. Total operating cost: 13.8 billion yen


  We see from the spot situation photograph (as of June 4, 2012) dam upper reaches

 From the dam upper reaches

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