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Special historic spot Yoshinogari (yoshinogari) remains

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With Yoshinogari (yoshinogari) remains 

 It is large-scale remains of Yayoi period to be located on Kanzaki, Saga (Kanzaki) city, Yoshinogari, Kanzaki-gun (yoshinogari) town. We continue Surveys since excavation is started in 1986 by Saga Board of Education and are performing rearranging work and report making work now.
 It is estimated that small ring trench communities are at the south end of hill and were formed in the beginning more in the first half of Yayoi period than past Surveys, and it becomes clear at 2 hectares, the middle in the first half year more than estimate 20 hectares, to have developed later to large-scale ring trench communities more than 40 hectares, and existence of special space (the north second enclosure, the south second enclosure) surrounded by ring trench with observation tower (watchtower) for the end period from the latter half in the latter period is confirmed.
 In the north second enclosure, sanctuary and building with the base of pillars placed directly in the earth trace including estimated large building which the south faces to tumulus of the middle inside exist, and it is thought with place of the residence and religious service of officiant. The south second enclosure is thought about with township of people of high hierarchy. As for large number of building with the base of pillars placed directly in the earth traces regarded as the south second enclosure large-scale raised storehouse group existing west, existence of "city" is estimated by scale and structure, too. In this way, central communities of country can read figure which developed for the Yayoi period end period.
 In addition, a lot of tombs with a crock-shaped coffin for adult are run from the medium-term beginning, but large-scale tumulus that it is thought that we buried the class of chiefs with tall and stout line-formed mass graves of 600 meters of the middle exists, and bronze sword and glass tubular ornamental bead, silk cloth piece excavate and show hierarchy differentiation and state of the chief right establishment.
○The reconstruction, maintenance of remains

  We easily explain the reconstruction, main part maintaining in Yoshinogari Historical Park.

 Please see page of "the reconstruction, maintenance of remains".


○Recent Surveys summary 

  About recent excavation in Yoshinogari site, we explain summary of 2 next districts. 

  •  Tsubo district of Shiwa shop four
  •  The east tumulus (three wards of cedar basket districts)

  Please see page of "recent Surveys summary" 


○About Yoshinogari site connection photograph (photographs such as exhumation remains of an ancient structure or remains)

  Yoshinogari site connection photograph that the borrowing was hoped for had you submit application until now,

 You came to be able to download We open with the other windowfrom "Yoshinogari site connection photograph gallery".

  In addition, please apply for photograph which is not included in "gallery" with the following application style (MS-Word format) as before.



  In addition, where the borrowing of the present situation photograph (including restored building) of Yoshinogari Historical Park is hoped for We open with the other window(external link),

  Please refer We open with the other windowto this for person that Saga cultural assets research reference library storage material (material which the prefecture except Yoshinogari site keeps) is hoped for.


* About Yoshinogari Historical Park

  Administration of park goes in "Yoshinogarikoen control center". Event information, fee for entering kindergarten in park or usage guidance of parking lot,

 On homepage We open with the other window(external link) of Yoshinogari Historical Park (Yoshinogarikoen control center), please confirm.


Scenery of exhibition room

* Please support "Yoshinogari site" in Furusato Nouzei!
  We open with the other windowIn Furusato Nouzei "policy support course", ask for contribution as "utilization" of "Yoshinogari site" 

 We go down. It is stored the reconstruction product making of exhumation remains and excavated hardware to be released in exhibition rooms in park

 We want to carry out processing. The ancient times are felt close more than now, and is more attractive; seem to be displayed,

 We utilize donation that we had.


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