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Industrial waste disposal business permission application styles

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(1). For prevention of new coronavirus infection spread, a part of the class in conjunction with disposal of industrial waste becomes cancellation, postponement for the time being.

  About update permission application of waste industry when we cannot take lectures by postponement, cancellation of class, we handle as follows for the time being.

  1)About thing that deadline for permission approaches, we accept update application without attachment of identification of completion.

  2)We examine about part except knowledge of applicant and skill as usual and, about application, perform revision instructions.

  3)We have application attach identification of completion additionally (after class was restarted) and, about thing that there was no problem with examination, issue new permit.

  ※If update by deadline for permission, and have applied, conventional permission is still effective till new permit is issued, is line uko by processing of industrial waste on a regular basis

  togadekimasu. (law Article 14 Paragraph 3 and 4 Paragraph 3 of law Article 14)


* Law Article 14 Paragraph 3 (waste industry), 4 Paragraph 3 (special management waste industry) of law Article 14   

 If disposal for the application is not done by day of the expiration of period (we say "validity of permission" in this clause and next clause as follows.) of said paragraph when there is application of update of foregoing paragraph, conventional permission shall remain in force till the disposal is done after the effective termination of the term of permission.


(2) Law (2019 law No. 37) about maintenance of law to plan adequacy of measures pertaining to limit of rights such as adult wards of relationships is establishment on June 14, 2019  

 Do, and, with this, law, enforcement order and the enforcement regulations are revised about law about disposal of waste and cleaning up and law about recycling of used car, that

 It was enforced on zore December 14, 2019. 

 "Adult ward or person under curatorship" who was one of the disqualification requirements in this revision "is appropriateness by duties of processing (recycling) of waste by obstacle of function of mind

 With what was changed by person who cannot perform the necessary recognition, judgment and mutual understanding appropriately on performing in this, attached documents such as at the time of permission application be changed partly

 We are.



 Matter to be registered certificate of not corresponding to adult ward or person under curatorship

○After the revised laws and ordinances enforcement (after December 14, 2019)

 Only when the prefecture admits that is necessary, matter to be registered certificate, medical certificate of doctor, test result of dementia

 ※When the equal prefecture admits with need in the hearing at the time of application when doubt accrues about the applicable nature to disqualification requirements, we order required document which you should submit.

 ※There is no change in written oath style of not corresponding to disqualification requirements, but please be careful as the contents are revised as above.

 ※In addition, it is necessary to report so to the prefecture when applicant or the officer comes to correspond to this important matter



Industrial waste disposal business permission application styles

Please talk with Recycling Society Promotion Division beforehand. You call on consultation or application beforehand, and please make a reservation. 

 Industrial waste disposal business permission (change permission) examination standard

  Application fee

  (please purchase Saga certificate stamp in Saga certificate stamp sale place on Saga prefectural government office new building the first floor of the basement.)

                    New 100,000 yen

  Industrial waste disposal business            Update      94,000 yen

                      Change    92,000 yen

                      Newcomer    100,000 yen

  The special management industrial waste disposal work            Update    95,000 yen

                      Change    95,000 yen 

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