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Saga authorization recycling product recognition system

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Summary of system

  Manufacturing establishes system to authorize done product using recyclable resources to promote reduction and recycling such as waste in the prefecture by planning upbringing of utilization and recycling industry of "recyclable resources" which we can use as raw materials among waste in the prefecture, and to build resources recycling society.
  After examination about safety or standard by Certifying Council, we authorized as "Saga authorization recycling product" and, on authorization, authorized one, four cases that there was of update application that there was of new application in the latest Certifying Council which held in February, 2020.
  About authorized product, we try for preferential use in the public works project of the prefecture and publicize to municipalities and citizen of the prefecture, proprietor, and profit of recycling product promotes utilizing.



Application methods

 1. You attach the next documents to application, and please bring in Saga Department of Citizens and Environmental Affairs Recycling Society Promotion Division.

  1. The product concerned
  2. The product production flow concerned
  3. Documents which prove that we meet authorized standard
  4. Company profile, brochures
  5. Material which serves as other references

 2. We accept application of new authorization at any time.

       (Saturday, Sundays and holidays and the year-end and New Year vacation day are excluded.)

   In addition, we plan holding of Certifying Council around two times a year of February and October.

   Person thinking of authorization newly prepares for documents which are necessary for application two months before Certifying Council is held, and please contact once.

 3. Please perform update application by the end of January of the year when authorized period expires.



Application styles 

Authorized object product

  1.   Among recycling products, we shall meet requirements listed below.
    Being product had manufacturing of by person having office in the prefecture.
  2. As a general rule, manufacturing being done product using reproduction resources in the prefecture in the prefecture.
  3. Being admitted that the spread contributes to reduction, recycling such as waste in the prefecture.
  4. Be made in the workplace where necessary measure is taken for for maintenance of living environment.
  5. Being sure that has been already sold at application in the prefecture or is sold in the prefecture within six months from application.
  6. Meeting Saga recycling product authorization standard to establish particularly.
  7. Self-or company's officers not being people that gangs correspond to exclusion regulations.
  8. (7)Person advocating in this not being corporation or other groups participating in the management substantially or individual.
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