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Food loss reduction ("we finish eating Kyushu and raise cooperation shops")

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  •  As for 6.46 million tons a year, food which is discarded though it is eaten in Japan, so-called "food loss" are occurring now. When we convert this per nation

One cup of bowl will be thrown away every day. Therefore cooperation, please as we will provide information to be connected in reducing "food loss" to occur in home and restaurant to in the prefecture.

With food loss

 Food loss occurs for discarding by progress in outbreak, the expiration date and expiry date of chorizan sa, leftover, drop and corruption of the freshness of food or mold.

   Why is food loss reduction important? We comment using movie clearly.

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To reduce

"Overbuying" of food in restaurant "order too much", and it is necessary to understand indication definitely in time limit of each one warning about action to be caused by the fact to increase food loss including "the excessive freshness intention" becoming sensitive to indication in time limit of food and food including the expiration date.
<all of the restaurants>

 It is necessary to have you devise menu setting that does not occur in order to leave, and to yell.
<business outline>

 We perform the next business to reduce food loss by having cooperation from general consumers and all of the restaurants.


About offer of "Kyushu we finish eating cooperation shops" 

 Reduction of "food loss" that is abandoned though is still eaten in seven prefectures of Kyushu (Fukuoka, Saga, Nagasaki, Kumamoto, Oita, Miyazaki, Kagoshima) recruit stores performing approach that "eat, and cooperation contributes to in food loss reduction including appeal of drill" to user to push forward recycling.

 "You finish eating Kyushu, and restaurant and accommodations, all of the retail stores practicing applicable approach more than one in Saga register by all means as cooperation shops", and please cooperate with food loss reduction.

   When offices which are representative in company having store in the plural prefectures in Kyushu are in Saga, we can propose to Saga in a lump from the office concerned. For more details, please see the following offer flyer.


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