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Before beginning to keep animal

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 Animal is creature same as we human being. It takes various effort including the disposal, discipline, walk, disease prevention and treatment of feces while we keep.

 Please talk about meaning of keeping enough in the whole family before making animal member of family.

 Only for reason to "be cute", you do not keep impulsively, and please consider with calculatedness enough.Image





Can you make animal happy?

 There are 15-20 years life in being of dog and cat. Can you take care with responsibility till the last?

  • Do you obtain whole family's consent?
  • Is there person of allergic predisposition to family?
  • Can you cut time and labor to do care such as meal, walk, cleaning?
  • When I will be away in trip and going out, sudden hospitalization for a long term, what would you do?
  • You let you receive sterility, castration operation, and can you prevent breeding not to expect?
  • Would you learn the preventive knowledge with disease that animal is easy to suffer from?
  • Would you receive various vaccinations and simple health examination of the case every year by all means?


Can you keep without troubling neighborhood?

  • Is animal environment to be able to keep?
  • You follow manner, and would you train minimum?
  • Would you do registration and rabies vaccination of dog?


Are house circumstances all right?

  • In the case of apartment complex, are you allowed to keep animal?
  • Do you have plan of moving?
  • Even in the case of moving, would you look for pet possible house?


Are you thinking about expense to keep?


  • Registration fee (around 3,000 yen) of dog
  • Rabies vaccination (around 3,050 yen) of dog (every year)
  • The food expenses
  • Various vaccine, medical expenses, sterility, castration operation charges
  • Microchip, pet hotel bill


※ For more information about registration of dog and rabies vaccination, ask municipalities office to live.

※ Please refer to animal Hospital in neighborhood for vaccine or medical expenses.


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