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Guidance of use of "public lottery" premium

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About 1, public lottery and use of premium

   Usually thank you for understanding to public lottery and the cooperation.


 Earnings of public lottery which each metropolis and districts and designated city releases are put in each local government and are made use for your life mainly on public works projects. In addition, public lottery which the biggest dream is seen in settles in the smallest investment as one in healthy leisure of the people today.


  Jumbo lottery second class 100 million yen appears, and it is taken up by media, and there is example which brought big effectiveness of advertising from public lottery which a certain company used to premium recently.


 We give given person dream and chance of large amount election and are made use for familiar living of even if we come off. Is glad that hit, even if come off, do not use nice public lottery as premium, presents such as sales promotion use?


 We introduce usage of public lottery below.


2, the concrete use example as premium

  When sales promotion is planned, and large amount election was given, we can expect effectiveness of advertising to media.


  • We present depending on periodical custody (we present according to amount) business contents (payroll credit, loan) with the finance business lottery


  • Mall lottery premium, present in point system


  • Real estate agency model room visitors, present to apartment, real estate purchase contract person
  • Maker, wholesale trade, series of cooperative transactions retail business, premium of promotion and sales campaign through member's store 


  • Premium to company (restaurant, combination two, service station) customer doing chain development


  • We present public lottery in person who ordered Specialty products of mail order business hometown or destination
  • Others

  Souvenirs such as commemorative event in company, anniversary event, present to employee

  Premium in entertainments (trip, golf competition, Christmas, year-end party, new annual convention) in district, office

  We use as present by midsummer gift, the year-end present, other felicitous events             


In 3, the use is careful

   When it is used, we may have you be careful.


    ・Prohibition of "resale of public lottery"

  When advertising agency carries out, please perform the purchase in company using.

  ・Contents of prize, various limits about specific type of industry.

  For more details, we recommend that we inquire of Consumer Affairs Agency.

  ・Sale self-restraint to minor

  ・Advertising method

  We give customer misunderstanding about public lottery and think that advertising to fan speculative spirit in vain is unfavorable.


  Laws and ordinances concerned: "The identification card method with money of election" "premium notation" "the Antitrust Law"


About 4, method for purchase of public lottery

   Reference about use of premium of public lottery, the purchase


       Person in charge of Mizuho Bank Saga Branch customer Service Section public lottery 
        Telephone: 0952-24-9281                                                 

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