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The 14th group report

The last update date:

Dispatch period (actual work period): From Thursday, June 16 to Thursday, June 23

Sliding paper-door cho*

Shoji of room where refugee went to bed came off and did repair and cho* as awning was in condition that there was not. It was inexperienced work, but we received instruction from refugees and let you complete somehow.

It was pleased "to be able to sleep slowly in this", but it could talk happily above all with refugee, and it was glad very much to have been able to further open up.


Fly countermeasures

Mass outbreak of fly became problem at stricken area and they took fly as the countermeasures and made plastic bottle of business now. How to make is simple and empties square hole into the plastic bottle center and is completion if we mix 100 g of sugar, liquor 70cc, vinegar 50cc inside and can enter. While it was interested, and refugee said "are you caught?" the inside was occasionally looked into.


Dining table

Presented "dining table" arrived from Morotomi furniture promotion cooperative and distributed to all of refuges. We said that it was just right for desk of child without being foldable, and taking place with structure that we did well and we took promptly and were used. All the household effects might have been presents good at all for strolled around by tsunami, too.


Stamp person Stamp person which came from Tokyo, free distribution party of seal (signet) was held. Seal is imminent thing, but is surely necessary for the life rebuilding. We realized that it was important to continue careful support that rose in glance of victim.
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