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The 29th group report

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Dispatch period (actual work period): From Thursday, September 29 to Thursday, October 6

Fishing port restoration


Fishing port of Ofunato suffers crushing damage by earthquake disaster and can still grasp the serious situation clearly. Meanwhile, we were able to see unloading of saury when we visited port by inspection. In severe environment, figure of Ryoshi who landed powerfully was scenery to feel reliable steps to revival.


Civic center cleaning


On October 2, we performed tidying up of not crowded middle hall by withdrawal of refugee in Kesennuma civic center. We tear off corrugated cardboard and blue sheet of floor and we vacuum and get back to original figure six months ago. Difference in color of floor of point that tore off corrugated cardboard seemed to show length of refuge life six months. When people evacuated to must continue supporting to be able to come back early in original life, we refreshed thought.


JC chair donation


Chair is presented to Kesennuma-shi general gymnasium (K wave) entrance that is refuge by Saga conference hall. There was the same chair in "anti-pine park temporary housing" in front of the nearest convenience store from K wave. There was indication with NO.22, and we produced, and reasonable number seems to have been donated. It was day when we were glad that we felt ring of support from Saga close.


NHK show


Parking lot of facility is lined with 89 households of temporary housing while refugee of ten households of 16 lives in Kesennuma-shi general gymnasium as of October 2. "nin tama revolt Taro" of NHK character show was performed publicly today in open space in front of facility. Children and protector gradually saw this show very happily while cold became severe.


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