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The 16th group report

The last update date:

Dispatch period (actual work period): From Thursday, June 30 to Thursday, July 7

State of citizen's section

In the dispatched staff, there is not only refuge but also city hall engaged in duties support. We engage in family register, support duties of procedure for resident's card in citizen's section now. It is business as it is of quite a recent date to stop, but works with enthusiasm hard in the daytime as it is the field where knowledge and experience as administrative occupation are useful for.

Temporary housing


Construction of temporary housing does not advance as expected in Kesennuma-shi, and, as for the progress rate, prefecture is the first worst. There is little level ground and is caused by the fact that we cannot secure residential land. Construction to school grounds or park of school advances, but local people look forward to entering to temporary housing which is early in various places in moment of refugee while we are worried, "place to stay of children disappears", and it is big problem.

State of serving meals


In Koizumi Junior High School, many people can still continue refuge life in gymnasium. Tokyo residents volunteer of Tokyo makes dinner and distributes quantity for the number of people of household for each table by serving meals and we inherit quantity that each wants to eat and are divided. We use for container for rap not to need to wash container which we used.

Farewell party at refuge


Resident briefing session to temporary housing of neighborhood was held, and many households would move from refuge of Koizumi Junior High School, and farewell party was held. All the members almost participated, and refugee followed until lights out of half past 21, and, as for the farewell party which began at half past 19, everybody trace was regretted. We served as farewell party of the dispatch staff from we Saga and participated together.

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