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The 30th group report

The last update date:

Dispatch period (actual work period): From Thursday, October 6 to Thursday, October 13



As for the meal in Kesennuma-shi general gymnasium, rice ball, noon, dinner become lunch by local supplier in the morning. It seems to be just got tired saying "menu is replaced with colunch in the night and day and shines and does not do every day". There is no fresh vegetable and we supplement with vegetable juice instead, but hear voice to "want to eat vegetables". Life as an evacuee is prolonged, and inconvenience is forced to in meal.


326 coloring


We sent drawing for coloring with message of 326 which kindergartener in Saga described to kindergarten of Kesennuma-shi. Director teacher "coloring that friend of Saga described arrived. He/she describes powerfully and feels uplifted! Children who "Hi!" answer question does know all Saga?well. This was given spirit for innocent smile.


Revival music festival


We observe revival music festival that Kesennuma new center Store Association planned. There was familiar Kesennuma hormone and hormone stew by B-1 Grand Prix with stand and was prosperous very much. We sell "bond" that sales become all contribution T-shirt in one of the booths. This music festival seemed to be decided to undergo holding in hope of revival from earthquake disaster. It was the first holding and seemed to invite this day while getting know-how from Okamoto, Kobe-shi mall that became guide.


Chair polishing


We engage in chair polishing today in Kesennuma civic center. Partly because was used outdoors so as not to be able to be satisfied in hall when there were many refugees, of hall equipment fold; to chair closely "mold." We polished up with the wet dishcloth which we squeezed well. Though we did not readily get, rust was able to drop mold neatly. We expose to dry in the shade and natural wind for finish and get married and is finished. It was day when we realized that refuge was coming to an end.


Seeing off


Kesennuma dispatch team which began on March 31 is the end in this 30th group. When we left civic center on the last day, we had refugee, staff see off grandly. We had words, "thank you for coming all the time from far-off place." and were glad at all and strongly had feeling that we must connect relationship with Kesennuma-shi that it was possible for with much effort in future.


Bouquet presentation 1

On October 14, the last group of we dispatch teams arrives at Saga Airport. In arrival lobby, we received the bouquet presentation with welcome of 24 children of Jonan nursery school where we came to for visit to airport from Saga terminal building. We intended to represent all the people of dispatch more than 300 that we put feeling of back-patting to past support activity and received.


There is reality that restoration of disposal and facility of debris does not advance to as expected now either that passed for seven months from earthquake disaster. Revival of stricken area was still the half and learned that long-standing support was necessary by this dispatch in future.

Bouquet presentation 2
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